I Finally Bought a Hidden Spy Camera!

The hidden spy camera arrived just in time. My hot uncle and his annoying wife were passing through town and needed a place to stay and rest for the weekend. I, of course, will always open up my home to my uncle, Richard. I’ve always had a crush on him, he looks just like my Daddy! I know for a fact he has a huge monster cock and I finally wanted a taste. 

Richard was always a goodie-goodie. I tried many times when I was a hot little teen to seduce him but he never took the bait. But, I knew I turned him on! When I flirted and flaunted myself, his huge monster cock would grow in his pants right before my eyes. He always thought sex with his niece would be a sin, so he would just walk away from me. I felt like he was giving me an orgasm denial punishment! Then I would hear him jerking off in the bathroom, so I knew he really wanted me. It was always so frustrating to not be able to get my mouth around Richard’s dick. 

I had a plan this time, now I know how to not take ‘no’ for an answer. That’s why I needed full access to the guest bedroom with my hidden spy camera. I wanted to get his dick on camera for my future enjoyment and know when it was safe to go in and begin my seduction. His wife would be easy to subdue with a little Ambien in her dinner. 

Teeny Tiny Bikini 

When Richard and his wife, Alesha, arrived I was so happy to see him. He seemed to get even hotter with age and still kept super fit. I didn’t hide my flirtation even with Alesha standing there watching. I gave him a long lingering hug and pressed my tight little body as close as possible to him. Alesha is so dumb she probably didn’t notice the way I couldn’t take my hands off of him. 

Suddenly, my teen daughter came out of nowhere in the tiniest yellow bikini. She greeted our guests and I watched Richard’s eyes roam all over her petite body. I have to admit, I was a little jealous. My daughter is my little twin but I looked even hotter at her age when I was trying to seduce him. She immediately invited them out for a swim but she only had her eyes on Richard. Alesha declined, saying she’d rather relax on the couch. I started to make dinner but I had a full view of the pool. I watched as they splashed in the pool, jumping in and out. Every time my daughter got out he couldn’t take his eyes off of her as the water dripped off her perfect body. 

Getting Closer

Then I saw them swim closer to each other. It looked like she straddled her legs around his waist because he was pulled close to her. He didn’t push away like I thought he would. Instead, it looked like he was grabbing her ass. I was shocked. Richard wasn’t a goodie-goodie anymore! Selfishly, I thought about how this would benefit me. My daughter can have her fun with him, that doesn’t mean I won’t get a piece too. 

Just then, Richard came in while drying himself off. “I’ve had enough sun”, he smiled at me as he made his way to the guest room. He tried to say something to Alesha but she had fallen asleep on the couch. I heard him make his way up the stairs. Shortly after, my daughter came in wrapped in a towel. She noticed Alesha in a deep sleep and quickly went up the stairs. I knew where this was going! I had my laptop with me in the kitchen so I opened it and clicked on the app that allowed me to access my hidden spy camera in the guest bedroom. 

Watching Them Fuck 

The live stream was so clear it was like I was in the room with them. My daughter had just entered the room and closed the door behind her. Richard was in the middle of changing into dry clothes so he stood there naked with a towel in front of him. She approached him, he looked hesitant, she grabbed the towel and pulled it down, throwing it on the floor. Richard’s dick was already stiff and throbbing. My daughter put her hands over her mouth in shock of just how huge he was. Then she slowly got to her knees to worship his cock. I was proud of my girl, she took that cock like a pro. I could see in Richard’s face he wasn’t against incest now. He grabbed her hair and fucked her face. 

Then he stripped her tiny bikini off and fucked her hard on the bed. It was so hot! I fingered myself as I watched. I couldn’t wait for my turn on that cock later tonight. 

Next week, I’ll tell you how I finally got to taste Richard in part two.


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