He Deserved an Orgasm Denial Punishment!

Last week, I told you about how I hired a hot massage therapist to relieve my aching muscles. His hands were nice and strong and he did help relieve my pain, but he left me frustrated and horny. It turns out he had a major foot fetish and loved my pretty little feet so much he used them for a happy ending foot fuck. But, I didn’t get a happy ending! He selfishly thought only of himself, so I made another appointment for the following week to get my revenge. I’m going to teach him a valuable lesson with an orgasm denial punishment– never fuck with a bad bitch! 

I asked the massage agency to book me for his last appointment of the day. I didn’t want a repeat of last time and have him try to rush off to another appointment. He was going to be Property of Ramona for the entire night. He had no idea what was coming to him!

Tying Him Up

I greeted Chris at the door this time in all black revealing lingerie and stockings. He looked a little shocked but quickly came in. I noticed him glance down at my pretty little feet in black stockings and I think it turned him on. He was probably thinking that he was going to get another foot fuck out of these feet. He had no idea I had an orgasm denial punishment planned for him. I welcomed him in and told him I’d like to be massaged on my bed this time instead of his massage table. He happily agreed thinking we were going to have a great night. Well, that’s true for one of us. I reminded him that he said he was going to make things up to me this time. 

“Of course I’ll make it up to you,” he smiled and tried to pull me to him. “Then, we will need to do things my way,” I told him. “I figured so much due to the dominatrix outfit,” he laughed. “First, strip,” I commanded. He obliged and I forgot just how big and girthy his cock was. But, I had to stay focused on the orgasm denial punishment that he deserved. He can’t get away with getting me all wet and horny then just leave like it’s no big deal. 

I ordered him to lay on the bed face up. I straddled his naked body while gripping his wrists above his head. His rock solid cock was stabbing at my laced pussy. I kissed him passionately while I stealthily grabbed the hidden ropes from behind the headboard. I quickly put his hands through the loops and pulled tightly. He was completely at my mercy now. 

Teasing the Hell Out of Him

“Oh, this is kinky!” Chris said as I moved to tie his feet to the bedposts. He was even more turned on now. Poor Chris, he had no idea how unsatisfied he was going to be at the end of this. 

First, I sat on his face with my panties still on and he licked me as best he could. He kept trying to move my panties to the side with his tongue so he could really taste me but failed at every attempt. He asked me to take my panties off but I refused. Then I very lightly ran my tongue up and down his solid shaft. “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, put it in your mouth,” he begged but I never gave him the satisfaction. 

By this point, he was getting really frustrated and was on to my plan. “You’re getting back at me, aren’t you?” he asked with a little bit of anger in his voice. “You’re getting an orgasm denial punishment so you can feel the way I did after you foot fucked me and took off,” I told him with a smile. He sighed loudly and threw his head back but his cock remained stiff. 

Only I Get to Cum

For the next couple of hours, I teased him relentlessly. I rubbed my black stocking feet all over his face and body, and for only a few seconds, I massaged his cock. As soon as he begged me to keep going, I stopped and moved on to something else. Then I stripped naked and made him watch as I used my vibrator to get off on the bed right next to him. My legs open wide, I moaned and screamed as I turned it to the highest setting. He just watched red-faced, desperately wanting to stroke his cock. 

Now that I had my orgasm, I was bored with his orgasm denial punishment. I untied him and sent him away with his tail between his legs. 


Do you want me to tease the fuck out of you? Call me for kinky phone sex!