My Feet Were Used for a Happy Ending Foot Fuck

Self-care is really important to me, so I booked a massage therapist to come to my home and give me a full-body oil massage. I’ve been rough on my body lately with intense workouts to keep my figure tight. I needed some strong hands to really work out all the kinks in my aching muscles. That’s why I requested a strong man from the massage agency. I figured if he was hot then my pussy could use some servicing too. I never would have guessed he would be using my feet to pleasure himself with a happy ending foot fuck.   

When the doorbell rang, I greeted my massage therapist, Chris, at the door in my silk robe with nothing underneath. Just as I had requested he was strong and looked like he could really relieve my aches and pains. To my pleasant surprise, he was in his early twenties and pretty damn hot. He seemed innocent and a little shy, so I knew I would it would take a little coaxing to get him to work my pussy too, but I was confident I’d make it happen. 

I flirted with him as he set up his massage table in my living room. Once the table was ready I asked, “Do you mind if I am completely naked? I hate being massaged with any clothes on, they always get in the way.” “Uh, sure no problem,” he said nervously. While keeping eye contact with him I dropped my robe right then to the floor. He looked my body up and down then averted his eyes quickly and asked me to lay face down on the massage table.

My Sensual Massage

I laid down and closed my eyes, anticipating the feel of his strong hands all over my body. My pussy tingled at the sound of oil being rubbed between his hands. Finally, his big hands were on me, starting in the middle of my back he massaged deeply. Then they quickly made their way down to my perfect bare ass. I could hear Chris breathing heavier as he worked my ass cheeks. Then he slowly made his way down my legs and finally to my feet. He continued to massage my feet and each toe with such care and stayed there longer than any other area. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good foot worship, but I was getting so turned on by this sensual massage I was itching to take it to the next level. As soon as he asked me to turn on my back, I planned on opening my legs wide and asking for his tongue to give me a pussy massage. But, he lingered on my feet and toes. Suddenly, I felt his tongue between my toes and he began sucking on them. I turned back to watch this foot freak in action and it was pretty hot. He was totally lost in his worship of my petite feet. He looked up when he finally noticed I was watching, “I hope this is ok, you have the sexiest feet I have ever seen.”

His Happy Ending Foot Fuck

I told him I was enjoying it, of course. I wrongly assumed he was too shy to make the first move. He moaned as he continued to massage and lick and suck my pretty little feet. Then I heard his zipper come down and I was excited to finally get a taste of his cock. But, instead of flipping me over or putting his cock in my mouth, he pressed my heels and toes together and started to fuck my feet. I looked back to watch his big hard cock thrust in and out between my soft oiled soles. He cried out as he came all over my feet. He massaged my feet once more this time rubbing in his warm cum and this turned me on even more.

I couldn’t wait for round two, I wanted a taste of that cum. But, just as I was about to turn over his timer went off. He quickly cleaned his hands on a towel and zipped up his pants. “What are you doing?” I asked, confused. “I have to get to my next client,” he said as he was gathering his things. Still naked, I stood with my hands on my hips. “So, you’re just going to use my feet for your happy ending foot fuck and leave?” I asked shocked. “Sorry, I have to go, book me again next week and I’ll make it up to you, I promise,” he said pulling me into him for a deep sensual kiss. 

I did book another appointment with him. Come back next week for part 2 to see how I punished him for leaving me frustrated and horny. 


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