A Girl With a Foot Fetish Fantasy? 

It’s no secret that I love guys with a foot fetish fantasy. But, what I don’t experience very often is a girl with a foot fetish fantasy. There’s just something about a sexy girl wanting to suck on my pretty little toes that makes it so much hotter. Don’t you agree? Well, you would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during my last spa day!

I love to pamper myself often, so I went in for my usual massage. I was booked with the new girl, a slender brunette with big tits and a tiny waist. She was hot and young just like this MILF prefers them. I couldn’t wait to strip down and have her hands all over me. 

All Over My Body

She was very professional, at first, anyway. I stripped naked and laid on the massage table with just a small towel over my round ass. She oiled me up and massaged my back and shoulders. I moaned as her hands ran all over my body.  My moans came out a little too sexual but I was trying to put naughty thoughts in her head. I asked if any of her clients made a move on her because she is so damn hot. She just laughed it off but I continued to flirt with her as her hands started to massage my perky ass cheeks.

I told her I’d prefer her to remove the towel. Now, my bare ass was exposed and I parted my legs slightly so she could take a peek at my pussy if she wanted to. She lingered at my ass for a long time, even spreading my cheeks slightly. She was enjoying this just as much as I was. It felt like foreplay. “Oh, yes, that feels sooo good,” I moaned.  

Her Foot Fetish Fantasy

Then she moved down to my legs and eventually to my feet. “Wow, you have gorgeous feet,” she said as she massaged them. “I have a foot fetish fantasy,” she confessed. “Sometimes I think about sucking my clients toes. But please don’t tell anyone, I’d get fired.”

Ooh, how kinky! “Well, I won’t tell anyone, if you live out that foot fetish fantasy with me,” I teased, watching her with my foot in her hands. Immediately, she brought my foot to her mouth and started to suck on my pretty little toes. Her soft tongue felt so good as it wiggled between my toes. She stuck her hands down her pants and rubbed her clit while she suckled each one of my toes. It was so hot I reached down and started rubbing my clit too. Now we were both moaning together. “Promise you won’t tell?” she asked me again as she dropped her pants. “I promise,” I panted, nearing orgasm. That’s when she rubbed my foot against her clit and squirted all over my foot. I came too as I felt her soft pussy against my toes.

While driving home, I rubbed my pussy again just thinking about it. I squirted in my panties and left a nice treat for my dirty panty thief. I love a kinky foot fetish fantasy!

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