is Heel Fetish: Shoe Shopping Anyone?

My well-lubricated cock was in heaven as Victoria worked the Louboutin heels up and down my thick shaft. I have always gotten rock hard at even the thought of a foot job, but this took that excitement to a whole new level. “Faster,” I moaned, ready to shoot my load as Victoria’s eyes sparkled at this heel fetish.

The deal was a simple one, really. I took the sexy Victoria shoe shopping for the day, and she, in fair exchange, would deal with one of my longest-standing erotic bucket list items. When I picked her up early in the afternoon, it was as though I stepped into a fucking wet dream. Victoria had on one of the sexiest suns dresses imaginable. Her tanned legs were bare and silken and her feet were very recent pedicured with cute pink nails. My heel fetish kicked into overdrive, and I could feel my cock leaping to attention. Slowly moving eyes over the toned calves and strong thighs, I found myself drifting into daydreams of those legs wrapped around my shoulders as I tasted deeply of her sweet juices.

Victoria’s breathing growing deep, as I curled my tongue over her sweet rose clit, her body shuddering as I bring her to the edge.

Snapping back to attention, I completed my visual tour. Her tight, young body was hugged in all the right places by the light fabric, and I could see that she loved the attention already as her nipples pushed hard against what was obviously only a whisper of a bra. Even without makeup, Victoria was a fucking knockout, and today she was truly spectacular. Pouty lips, girl-next-door smile, and the most sultry, come-fuck-me eyes you would ever see.
“I am so excited,” she almost squealed, reaching across to give my now thundering hard-on a teasing stroke and squeeze.
The day was spectacular. And was made even more so at the first store we visited. Slipping a sexy Jimmy Choo slingback onto Victoria’s foot, I felt her legs rustle slightly. I glanced up and was greeted with the most amazing treat. He was perfectly shaved and glistening. As my fingers caressed Victoria’s ankles, causing my cock to throb, I imagined myself buried deep and hard into that tight pussy. As if on cue, Victoria began to run the heel of the Jimmy Choo up and down the obvious bulge in my pants. I could feel the jewel of precum forming.

Victoria’s eyes sparkled playfully. Pushing her foot aside, we moved on with the day.

Six stores later, and still fucking hard as a rock, we found the Louboutins. 6” heels with crystals forming a leopard pattern, they made her already million-dollar legs shimmer with sexiness. “Holy fuck,” was all I could manage to whisper when she stood up in them to look in the mirror. “You like,” she smiled. Turning her ankle slowly back and forth to show off the shoes, but also how they made her calves and thighs look like silken sex. “Holy fuck,” I muttered again, reaching for my wallet.
As we walked into the hotel lobby, Victoria knew that every man in the place was looking at her. How could they not? Sexy young body, gorgeous dress, and the Louboutins putting everything on display. She strutted, flipping her hips, and fingering her hair. I swear, six guys came in their suit pants within seconds. To be honest, I was finding it hard to hold back myself.
I lay back on the bed as Victoria lubed my throbbing cock playfully. Her dress was on the floor, and the whisper bra had fallen nearby. It was all I could do not to shoot my load just looking at this nubile body naked in front of me. I fought the urge to release, to cum all over those firm little tits as she bent over me.

Lubrication complete. Victoria leaned back, spreading her legs so I could see her shaved pussy.

Her legs curled like a gymnast, capturing my thick cock between the heels of the Louboutins. Propping herself against a mountain of pillows, she simultaneously began to caress my nearly exploding cock while sliding the tip of her index finger slowly into her pussy. I held on with all I had, feeling the pressure on my shaft while watching her finger her sweet wetness. This is the ultimate heel fetish experience!
“Faster,” I moaned, ready to shoot my load as Victoria’s eyes sparkled. The heels tightened on my shaft, and I felt my head swelling. Victoria released the pressure slightly, taking control of my cock as the crystals flickered in the room light. Her own fingers plunged deeper now, and I heard her breathing getting quicker. The heels tightened again, and the motions were longer, faster now. I leaned back, barely able to contain the explosion when I felt the Louboutins shudder. Victoria gasped loudly. Then she whimpered as she started to cum.

I let go, shooting streams of steaming cum  across Victoria’s ankles and calves.

As the warmth touched her legs, she bucked and groaned, her own juices flowing onto her fingers. The scent of our juices filled the room, as I arched my own back, shooting stream after stream as she worked the heels up and down my shaft. My balls tightened, and I shot my final massive load, almost reaching Victoria’s tanned tummy. She exploded in a scream seconds later.
Collapsing into the mountain of pillows, Victoria giggled. All I could say was “Holy fuck” as I fell across the bed, exhausted.
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