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I’ve written about this before – a lot of you guys are obsessed with their step daughter.  And who can blame you? They’re young, beautiful, and sexy. And you suspect that they’re probably having a great time teasing you as well.   You live together so you’re near her all the time. Because of this, your cock is perpetually rock hard. You know that she’s absolutely, completely off-limits to you.  But are you sure about that? Maybe she’s actually not.

Meet my client Gavin.  Gavin has been telling me about his sexy stepdaughter Vanessa for a long time.  Sometimes we role-play that I’m Vanessa and other times he just tells me in great detail how sexy she is and how much he wants to fuck her.  Either way, he strokes his cock until he cums. And when he cums, I always hear the same thing “Oh Vanessa, I want you so bad!” Gavin suggested recently that I write a blog post about his true story. And I thought that was a great idea!

Making His Sexy Step Daughter Fantasy a Reality

Gavin describes Vanessa as a big, curvy girl who is twenty years old.  She has very large breasts with dark areolas that you can see through her minimal clothing. She also has a nice, round ass and sexy thick thighs. And he wants to fuck her – very, very badly.  

Recently, Gavin told me that he was going to make his sexy step daughter fantasy a reality.  He didn’t know how, but he said it was going to be soon. He considered just slipping into her room while she was sleeping, pushing her panties aside and fucking her with his 10-inch cock.  This was probably not the best plan, for many reasons and I don’t think he ever tried it. Which is probably for the best – it sounds like a sure way to find yourself being kicked in the balls by a very startled sexy stepdaughter!

What He Fantasized About Day and Night

But, things started looking up for Gavin.  He started finding many different sex toys in her room – big dildos, vibrators, and even bigger dildos.  He could hear her using them in her room which he took full advantage of by listening to her playing with all of her toys.  Then he would often go to bed with a huge hard-on and fuck the shit out of Vanessa’s Mom – but it just wasn’t what he fantasized about day and night.  

Then, one day when they were alone in the house, Vanessa asked Gavin to go out and buy her some batteries.  As he said to me, when girls need batteries it’s probably for one thing… Of course, he complied and soon returned with her batteries.  Soon after, he heard the familiar sounds of Vanessa’s moans and cries of pleasure.  When he went to her room, he found the door open and his sexy stepdaughter was using her vibrator and fucking herself with a 10-inch dildo!  

This Was Finally His Chance

It was clear that Vanessa was enticing him to come in the room and join her in playing with her toys.  But Gavin realized that this was finally his chance and decided that he was going to take what he had been wanting so badly for so long. His gorgeous, sexy step daughter. He walked into the room, right up to the bed, undressed, and told her very firmly to take that dildo out of her pussy.  After she obeyed this command, he gently pushed his big cock head to her puffy pussy lips and pushed into her sweet, young pussy and started fucking her slow. He wanted to feel every squeeze of her young pussy on every inch of his cock. He savored these fist few thrusts before he could feel her pushing her hips back against him, wanting him to fuck her even harder. Gavin finally got what he had been fantasizing about since Vanessa and her Mom had moved in with him – to feel his big 10-inch cock in her tight, wet little pussy.

One Day it Could Be You!

So, don’t lose hope, horny step Dads!  One day you may find yourself balls deep in your sexy step daughter – just like our hero! And thank you, Gavin, for letting me tell your story.

Do you have any sexual fetish confessions that you’d like me to write about in my blog?  Let me know!


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