You are obsessed with your stepdaughters!

And who can blame you for these sexual fetish confessions?  With their perfect round asses, their perky tits, soft skin, short shorts, low cut tops and of course lack of any bra or panties under those skimpy clothes.  Parading around in front of you day and night. You live under the same roof as this beautiful creature and your cock is constantly rock hard because of it. You want her so badly but she’s completely off limits.  Or is she?

Is it possible that she’s been teasing you?  Making you crazy with desire for her? Maybe in your sexual fetish confessions, she’s wearing those short shorts just for you.  God knows her mother is constantly trying to get her to cover up. But she never does. And is it normal for her to sit on her step father’s lap?  Or to curl up on your bed and watch a movie with you when her mother’s gone? But of course, she keeps you just out of reach. And you always behave like a perfect gentleman.  Except in your mind, of course. And you can’t control that raging hard on you have every time she’s close by – and even sometimes when she’s not.

One day you’ll do it…

In your sexual fetish confessions, you fantasize that one day you’ll be brave enough to reach out and caress that sexy ass or fondle those perfect tits.  And instead of running directly to her mother to tell her what you did, she takes your hand and runs it underneath her little top over her very soft skin up to that place that you constantly think about.  And her tits feel even better than you imagined. Firm, soft and full. With very hard nipples you hope that you helped make that way. You didn’t think that it was possible for your cock to get any harder, but it does.  And then since this is your fantasy, you feel her other hand on your bulging hard-on. Caressing it and starting to unzip your pants

So, how do these sexual fetish confessions about your sexy, teasing stepdaughters end?  That’s up to you… and I want you to call me and tell me all about it!



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