Sometimes it’s never over with an ex. Such was the case with one from back in the day that loved to grab my ass. It was like he was obsessed with it – always grabbing and touching it whenever he had a chance. It was as if his hand was glued to it. Any time we’d sext, he always ask for pictures of me in a lacy thong or sans underwear and always wanted a rear shot. The sex was great, but things just didn’t click with us, so we eventually parted ways.

danadosettesideI guess he couldn’t live without my derriere because he’d always text me asking for pictures even though we weren’t together anymore. He’d also tell me how much he loved my ass and missed it – always complimenting me on how it was the best ass he’d ever seen. I found it flattering, so I caved and agreed to meet him for a romp in between the sheets – after all, the sex was great and he always knew how to make me cum by paying close attention to my ass.
The first time we met up for sex after we broke was the best yet. He came over my place and he immediately went after my ass, touching and grabbing it nonstop. I finally convinced him to let go long enough to get our clothes off and then he was back at it once we were on the bed. I thought we’d take it slow and kiss a bit, but he went straight for my ass and started kissing it all over. He pulled me in a doggy style position and started to go at it on my ass, rimming it with his tongue like it was his last meal. I’m not going to lie – I liked it a lot. The way his tongue went in and out of my ass hole coupled with a few fingers here and there made my body tingle all over. While he was playing close attention to my rear, I decided to handle my front and started to bang myself as he went to town on my ass. I must have cum like three times during this time and he was still not done handling my rear. I’m the one that told him it was time to get down to business, but he insisted that he do me from behind so that he could continue to enjoy my ass.
It wasn’t everyday that my ass got such special attention that I allowed him to butt fuck me so that he got ass fill because after all, it wasn’t like he was getting it all the time anymore since we broke it off. As he entered me from behind, his hard dick penetrated so deep that I swear I felt it in my vagina. He then started to ram me with all his might, which was a turn on. We continued that for another few minutes until I felt like my pussy was being ignored so grabbed one of his hands that was cupped on my butt and led it to the front so that he could stimulate my clit a bit more, which had me cumming yet again. Although I prefer a little bit of a buffet when it comes to sexual activities, I didn’t mind all the attention on my butt and kept him on as a side (butt) fuck.

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