Roger expected me to suck and fuck him on the daily. I had zero issues with that, only I was starting to get a taste for his cum more than one time a day. I wanted it as bad as a person hooked on drugs. He told me he felt like I only used him for sex. Like I was only in it for his cock.

He came home one night a bit drunk with his friends. He was bragging about how much I loved to eat his cum. That I was like a personal cum dumpster. The fuck did he just tells everyone? I was HUMILIATED! All his buddies looked at me like I was nothing more than a sperm receptacle.

Roger put his arm around me and told me to be glad I loved his cum as much as I did. I was pissed, so I antagonized him. I pushed his arm off and said maybe I didn’t like just his cum, maybe I just liked any man’s flavor! His buddies all laughed at him and taunted him. Roger got the bright idea that I have a go at his buddies and see who had the superior flavor.

I hesitated but that stupid fuckin ‘so sure of himself’ grin pissed me off. I got on my knees and told his 4 friends to surround me. Then I pulled each cock out and worked them with my mouth and hands. I had all the cocks rubbing on my face and vying for my mouth’s attention. Even Roger was off to the side trying to be the last to rub one out. He wanted his flavor to be the last I tasted. All of the men stood around me beating off. Their heads crammed onto my soft wet tongue. They each blew a hot sticky load into my mouth.

They chanted cum dumpster while doing it.

My mouth was full to the brim, I was choking on cum and trying to swallow it. I was so wet-tasting everyone that I forgot all about the mission of finding out who was the best tasting. I took a big gulp and swallowed the sticky mess. Roger came over once I clear my throat. He took me by the jaw and pumped his load in. I had to admit, he was pretty fucking delicious. I even took him by the cock and sucked hard to get every dropout…he never did let me live it down…

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