My boyfriend and I were having sex one night and were in the standing position, me bending over slightly and by chance I glanced over and was sure I saw a sliver of light coming from my neighbors window, which wasn’t far across my yard, and if I was right, they could see us since I hadn’t drawn the blinds. I didn’t mention anything to my boyfriend since I didn’t want him to maybe stop, but I knew we were being watched.


I thought about it the next day and I could have moved positions, I could have closed the blinds, I could have told my boyfriend, but I did none of those things. I kind of liked the idea someone was watching and likely masturbating as they watched us get of like this. I even turned our lights on to give them a better view and the next night when we fucked, I rode my boyfriend and my tits were bouncing up and down and I glanced over towards the window a few times and I saw him, saw his face in his window staring right at us. Our eyes locked and I continued on and didn’t even mention it to my boyfriend and I ground my stiffened clit against his cock as I felt it throb inside of me.

I started to ask my boyfriend to do more and more daring things to put myself on display for the neighbor, I even masturbated a few times without closing the blinds and I could just feel him watching me. Sex and masturbation hadn’t been this fun in years, I was really enjoying putting on a show like this. It was naughty I knew, yet it was really turning me on.

I saw the neighbor a few times outside and not a word was said, but I knew he’d seen me masturbating, sucking my boyfriend’s cock and my pussy being licked and fucking my boyfriend in any number of positions. I loved putting on a show and have no clue how my boyfriend managed to not even notice, but I found it exciting and hot, knowing the neighbor was over there likely with binoculars watching my pussy get filled with cock every night, dripping cum down my thigh and my boyfriend lick it up, then me sucking on his cock and licking my own juices up. I just knew the neighbor was watching, dick in hand, pumping his lubed up shaft for all he was worth as we got him off like his own nightly porn show. I felt like such a wanton slut and I loved it.

This went on for a couple of weeks until my boyfriend went away on business and I began masturbating nightly in view of the windows every night until he came back and I said I wanted to fuck standing up again, and things were back to normal again, having an audience is very hot when it gets you even more excited and enhances your fucking, I highly recommend it!

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