He Got His Daughter Pregnant!!!

Kasey was a young girl full of life. She got amazing grades in school and always had the best of friends. Her parents loved watching her grow up into such an amazing teenager. Her father loved it the most though. He saw something in her that always made his cock hard. One night he was sitting waiting for her to come home when he started to think about how badly he’d love to get Kasey pregnant. The thought invaded his mind, and he knew he’d be doing that tonight.

She walked in much later than expected. By the look on her face, she knew she was in trouble.

“Shut the door Kasey and come here please.” Her father said this softly and in a very caring tone of voice. She walked over and sat down next to him on the couch; looking up at him with her gorgeous doe eyes. “You know you’re late right?” She nodded. “I’ve been waiting up for you for a few hours now. I sent your mother and siblings over to Aunt Jamie’s house so you and I could have a conversation tonight. Can we please move up to my bedroom where we can be more comfortable?”

Kasey walked up the stairs in front of her father. He couldn’t help but watch her child baring hips sway back and forth with each step she took. The thought of putting his seed inside of her and making her pregnant was taking over every inch of his body. Once up stairs he shut and locked his bedroom door before turning back to her.

“Kasey dear, it’s time you know some of my thoughts. I’ve ran this all by your mother and we’ve decided that this is something that needs to happen. You’ve become such a beautiful young woman and we’re very proud of you, but it’s time to take your life to another level.” She stood there, hands clasped in front of her waiting to hear what more he had to say. “Kasey, it’s time you got pregnant.” The shock on her face was so visible it made father smile!

“Your mother and I have decided that I will be the one getting you pregnant. I promise it’s harmless and perfectly normal for a father to view his daughter this way. I’m going to need you to please get completely naked and lie on your back on the bed please.” She didn’t move at first but then began undressing. She very slowly pulled her clothing off until she was naked. She backed up to the bed and sat down before lying all the way back. Looking up over her maturing breasts she caught a glimpse of father naked and approaching her.

“Put your legs straight and open them wide for me baby. I’m going to take real good care of you as I take your virginity.” Father began to push inside of her. Kasey yelled out as he broke her cherry but then became quiet again once he stilled inside of her. “It’s time for me to get you pregnant baby girl. You will be the most beautiful pregnant girl. Only we will know you’re carrying my baby. This is an amazing honor.” Father began moving slowly again. Kasey was so tight and squeezing his cock so hard, he knew he wouldn’t last long.

“I love you baby! I can’t wait to lay my seed inside you and make you pregnant.” Father stilled again as his balls pumped her full of cum. This became a nightly routine until sweet Kasey’s stomach grew large with a child.

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