This one caller of mine must be a real fan of the movie, “American Pie,” sine he too loves to fuck his food. At first I thought he was just telling tales, but then one time he asked if I’d watch him on cam at the same time as our call. I thought why not, I haven’t seen a real life fruit fucker go at it, this could be educational. So I accept his video call and see a cantaloupe melon with a hole cut in it and this huge, like over nine inch cock is going in and out. His voice was already something I found sexy, but the size of this dick, woah! Every time his cock would thrust in and out of it some of the cantaloupe seeds would come out the hole and stick to his shiny, juice covered cock.


He asked if I’d ever tried a fruit or a vegetable to masturbate with and I said once years ago I’d tried a cucumber up my pussy, and it had felt really good, it was thick and I could insert as much in as I wanted, and it worked well and I’d cum pretty hard from dragging it in and out of my pussy. I’d even washed it off after and still ate it, and he laughed and said I shouldn’t have washed it off! That that was half the fun, to consume my own juices on it after having fucked it.

He said that a melon is perfect to masturbate with. The inside feels slippery like a pussy, he liked to warm it up for a while and put it in a sink full of hot water first, and the slippery insides coat his dick just like a real pussy does. He was really pumping that melon up and down on that monster cock of his and then he shot his load inside of it. He got a knife, cut open the rest of the melon and then licked out his cum and took a big chomp of the melon, said it was all sweet as candy. I didn’t know what to think.

His sex toys were all found in the produce section of the grocery store. One time he had this fruit salad in a bowl with some whipped cream on it and he was stroking his cock up and down, looking very sexy as he jerked off and he then gets the bowl with his non masturbating hand and shoots his load into it, all over the whipped cream then picks up a fork and starts eating the cum covered fruit salad. The cum and the whipped cream were all mixed together, coating all the pieces of fruit and he ate it like it was the finest thing he’d ever had. It’s quite entertaining now, really, and I am always curious what the next fruit will be when I watch him. Halloween is coming up, so I think a mini pumpkin might be making its appearance for a fruity masturbation session.

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