As an intense femdom, I love things that are harsh on my subs. Making them suffer is what makes my pussy nice and wet. Of course, for them, my hardcore tease and denial is leaving those balls dangling and full of cum.

Some of my subs are a bunch of pussies. It is funny hearing them begging me to go easy on them. And, that only makes me go harder on them. Oh, how I love making them suffer even more.

Now, some of my guys will get to cum. Why, because they are my superior subs. Real men with amazing bodies and cocks. Successful and sexy makes them special to me. Whereas my losers are not.

They get all my hardcore tease and denial thrown at them.

And, it is my deepest, darkest pleasure making them beg me to stop. You see, a lot of my losers have tiny dicks. They are misleaders. Guys that are going through life misleading the ladies they meet.

On the outside, they look like an amazing package so the girls line up to be with them. However, when it comes to sealing the deal with sex, all those ladies are let down by the package inside the pants.

These men deserve all I throw at them. The more intense I make my hardcore tease and denial for them, the happier I am. Of course, I also give them my Soul-Crushing SPH while I am at it. They get everything I have!

These are the ones that bring out my BDSM goddess!

The evil bitch that resides deep inside me. She is one badass diva too! Of course, it isn’t all mean and harsh. For those quality real men, the tease and denial are more about sensual domination.

I love using my lingerie, stockings, and amazing skills to deny them. It is my goal to take them to the edge again and again. I love a man that can go for hours. The real men I am playing with are that strong.

Our hardcore tease and denial may be sensual but it is drawn out for a long time. That is what makes it harsh. Well, and the fact that I tease them for hours with my body and skills. Getting those balls full.

It is the same during my Humiliation Phone Sex.

Depending on the callers, I may leave them with a ball sack full of jizz. Or, if they are my real men, I let them cum at the end of our sessions. Additionally, it all depends on who I am chatting with, and if they deserve to cum.

So many of the guys that come to me wanting to be my subs are not worthy of much. Not worthy of sex with me, not worthy of touching me, and surely not worthy of cumming. Of course, it is my responsibility to keep them from shooting that load.

And, with my hardcore tease and denial, I do just that. Leave them begging to cum and in pain. God, it is an awesome feeling walking away as they cry! Which are you? Call me and let’s find out!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke