Men love my beautiful body and why not, I am fucking gorgeous. I use my body for my sensual seduction fun and so much more. The guys can’t get enough of me and I am loving all that hot sex with them. Of course, there is nothing worse than a man that doesn’t tell me he is packing a tiny pecker until the minute I have my hands on it. That pisses me off and it is time for some Soul-Crushing SPH.

I am going to tear the mother fucker up with my hardcore humiliation at this point! Here I am thinking you are a gentleman. When, in fact, you are postponing me seeing your little pecker. Of course, you didn’t make any moves because you know a woman like me needs a real man with a real cock. Your dick is incapable of pleasing a woman. So, you are leaving me high and dry.

Bitch, you deserve my Soul-Crushing SPH.

Only true losers mislead women the way you have been misleading me. You know that ladies aren’t going to be happy with your little clitty so you put off any intimacy. Of course, you are using the facade of being a gentleman and waiting until you have been dating for some time before getting intimate. That is a bitch move mother fucker!


First, that is the SMALLEST dick I have ever seen in my life! Men like you are my subs, not my boyfriends. I don’t date men that don’t have decent cocks. You are not deserving of my time as your equal. I think you have known this from the beginning though. Asshole, trying to get over on me. Thing is, this is so small you wouldn’t even be one of my little pets. As a Sensual Latina Domme, I work with many small penis men.

You are the tiniest yet.

Seriously, I am not sure you are worthy to even be a sub. You have been misleading me and I guarantee a shit-ton of other women. Hell, you have probably been lying to women all your life just to get them to spend time with you. Such a pathetic loser. You are making me sick just being in my presence. I enjoy sensual domination but with you, I would like to venture into the hardcore BDSM world.

I am sure you deserve to be tied to a post. Then, have a bunch of wronged women coming in and taking out their revenge on you. Oh, that makes my tight pussy tingle. I must say, it is an idea for making things right. You and that clitty tied up, women lining up with whips, canes, and all sorts of punishment items to beat and abuse you. That ups my soul-crushing SPH game!

What do you think, Loser?

I enjoy SPH Phone Sex and tearing down men that have tiny little dicks. So many men are covering up their tiny peckers with an amazing outside. They are handsome, built well, and dressed to kill. Women are falling for this outside package, expecting a big dick to be part of it. Of course, when the intimacy comes, so does the heartbreak and letdown with an itty bitty dick. Disgusting that they do this to us!

I feel it is a goal of strong women like me to break men like you. Then to help those women who have been wronged. Showing them they are strong and they deserve better. Additionally, if I can make it happen that they can torture you, well that is just icing on the cake baby! Seeing you abused by hoards of women is exciting. Honestly, I love the idea of sitting in a chair and playing with myself while you are tortured by them. So hot and naughty. Fingers in my wet pussy as you are suffering.

All those women getting turned on too!

Of course, you are in pain, which is fun for all of us. You have been breaking hearts with this dick your whole life and now, it is my turn to crush you. Not just my turn, my fucking pleasure! I love devouring the soul of men with tiny cocks. Men mislead the female population. You are mine to conquer!

So, do you have an itty bitty dick? Do you lie to women? Call me and I will happily destroy you with my soul-crushing SPH!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke