Hardcore Spanking Lover Gets Her Man

The master lets his hardcore spanking lover wait for what I most desire.  And then I see what you plan.  My breath starts to quicken as I feel the bite of the alligator clamps on my already sensitive nipples.  I can feel my warm juices begin to drip down my thighs as I shudder in anticipated pleasure.

I exhale and empty my lungs in a long, loud breath from my nose as I feel the soft leather of your flogger running lightly against the flesh of my breasts and stomach.  My inner hardcore spanking lover is vibrating with anticipation. Turning me around with my back now facing you, I feel the strips of leather tickling my back.  But you and I both know tickling isn’t what the flogger does best.  Hot hardcore spanking does this to me every time. Suddenly, I can hear and feel the slight wind that is created as your arm pulls back quickly.

Feed My Hardcore Spanking Lover in Our Next Call

My head jerks back, and air leaves my lungs at the first strike against my back.  And then the next blow gets my legs shaking and my pussy throbbing.  Three more, and my roar of pain-filled pleasure rolls out of my throat.  Your hand is suddenly at the back of my neck.  And, then as your fingers are lightly running down my back to my ass, I feel the tingling that comes from the pain spreading through my entire body as it dissipates.  I learn through my pain that a sub is a true hardcore spanking lover.

Taboo phone sex that breaks all the rules

“I can see I’m going to have to re-think what would actually be a punishment for you. Oh – and well done for not falling for the obvious trap of requesting no spanks,” You trace a finger around the red handprint on my right buttock, “I want nothing less than your full surrender, Chanel.”  At your words, my head twists back so that I meet your eyes in direct defiance.  Staring into your eyes in silent but apparent protest.  Even a hardcore spanking lover has moments of defiance.

I suddenly feel the sting of your hand on my ass.  Of course, my eyes drop immediately as you remind me of my place as your sub.  As you rub your hand against my red hot ass in almost tenderness, I smile.

More Please!

“Now – where were we?”

My helpless, restrained body is before you—a hardcore spanking lover begging her Master to feed my obsession.  And then you continue my pleasure-filled torture. My roars of complete surrender begin to fill the space of the dimly light bedroom.  Of course, with each blow of the flogger, I drop deeper in.  The clamps on my nipples intensify the deep pleasure of my pain.  I continue to dive deeper into the teachings and pleasure of the pain that is spreading throughout my body.  And then I feel my cunt spasm as juices begin to pour onto my now-shaking thighs.

Your Hardcore Spanking Lover Can Be Your Next Best Call

Your hardcore spanking lover is now fully at your mercy.  And, then, as I feel myself dropping completely into the release and deep pleasure of subspace, I hear the seductive and sexy timber of your voice.  “Such a good pet, Chanel.”

Sometimes I Combine My Hardcore Spanking Lover

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