You come before me in need of a Hardcore Mistress CBT. Of course, you are getting what you deserve bitch. I have no mercy for your cock and balls. That’s right Skip Dingles, get ready to meet your maker with me.

At least, your cock and balls will be meeting their maker by the time I am done with them! Consequently, I enjoy this shit way too much. Now, give me your hands, we are chaining them above your head. That will keep you from flailing around like a scared little bitch.

Furthermore, this is going to be rough buttercup, are you ready? Do you like my pointy-toed heels with the chrome stiletto? Aren’t they fucking gorgeous? They look even better as I stomp the 4” stiletto into your hanging ball sack fucker.

Go ahead and scream as I dish out your Hardcore Mistress CBT!

Why do you think I host this stuff in a giant old warehouse? No one can hear you screaming like a girl, haha. It would truly dampen my fun if the police showed up to end our fun Mr. Dingles. I don’t want a single interruption for your cock and ball torture tonight.

Now, the joy of this chrome heel is I can shove it down your tiny little pee hole. I am told it is quite excruciating. Of course, that is my hope anyway. Your screams will confirm that the pain is real.

Do you see this fire pit Skip Dingles? I have some interesting tools I will be using that go into the fire. Have you ever heard or had the opportunity to smell burning flesh? It is intense as fuck. Just like my Hardcore Mistress CBT you sought out.

I am not successful unless you are sweating bullets.

One of my favorite tools is this smaller cast iron skillet. You see, it is just the right size to slam both your cock and balls. Here, let me show you Skip. Ouch, that hurts, doesn’t it?!

Excellent, I’m going to do it again, smashing your cock and balls like an annoying bug. Hahaha…that is fantastic the way the blood rushes to the surface of your skin after I slam down on you. Oh, lookie there, beads of sweat running down your face.

I have to say, “You scream like a little girl Skip Dinglesl. You truly are a little bitch!” Who knew I was hosting a fucking pussy for today’s Hardcore Mistress CBT? Not I, but here you are.

Of course, men are fucking wimps anyway.

You are all a bunch of babies bitches. A burden to the women in your life. Maybe that is why I take such pleasure from inflicting pain on the male species. Yep, that must be it.

Yay, look at that poker heating up to fire red. Are you ready for it, sweet pea? Probably not. At least, I hope not. Here we go, right into your piss hole! Wow, that is crazy how your skin reacts to such heat.

Oh, and the smell of burning flesh is amazing. Don’t you dare pass out, you fucking cunt! If you think this is rough, life will be way worse if you pass out on me right now! We are just getting started with Hardcore Mistress CBT fun.

I need you fully awake and experiencing every fucking moment of our Hardcore Mistress CBT Mr. Dingles!

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