After I am fired from my school nutritionist position, I move out of town. However, I move into a new inner-city neighborhood in a different state. I am still lusting for young black guys but need a “fresh” start. Of course, I have all my amazing assets, including my lactating breasts. My hardcore interracial desires are keeping my young pussy constantly wet. Until I figure out a new line of work, I am going to sell my breastmilk.

Being one of only a few white females in this neighborhood, I am catching the eyes of my favorite targets; black teen thugs. I constantly wear tight t-shirts and 6-inch stiletto heels to make sure they are getting a thrill when they see me. My t-shirts have logos like “GOT MILK?” and “FREE MILKSHAKES” on them. Additionally, I wear a bra that allows my breast milk to leak out.

I will have my way and satiate my Hardcore Interracial Desires

 I Love doing Taboo Phone Sex with my callers. Yes, I found that next job doing what I love. Sharing my naughty experiences with like-minded individuals that get off hearing my stories. Not only that, but they also love sharing their fantasies with me! We can role-play out that dirtiest of sexy fun. Me being me, I don’t have any limits. I am open to all that my callers are bringing me.

One of the best hangout spots is in the lobby where the younger black guys hang too. They are always chatting me up and telling me how good I look. Of course, I eat it up and encourage them to continue. On this day, I make sure I am leaking and draw attention by saying I forgot to pump this morning. The one guy, Tyrone, is curious and asks, “Pump what?”

Additionally, this is my lead in to pull out my engorged breasts.

I make sure to point them at the boys as my milk leaks out, explaining that I am lactating to them. Then, I say, “I sure wish you boys could taste some.” Of course, this is the turning point for us. The boys are getting turned on and grabbing their crotches. One of them asks me if they can taste it and I ask if they are babies. Another is announcing his mother’s boyfriend loves sucking her breastmilk out.

I tell them it would require me pumping enough for all of them and I need to go to my apartment for that. Additionally, I let them know it will cost them each $25 to do this. If they want to go through with it, they have to be quiet and follow me upstairs. Of course, they are all eager now because they know it isn’t just breastmilk they are getting.

My body is shaking with excitement and fear. What if someone sees them following me into my apartment? What if I am caught doing more than just talking to them? Then, my desires are taking over and the fear is taking a back seat. I want those huge big younger black cocks more than I fear getting in trouble. Time to quench my hardcore interracial desires.

Once in the apartment, I lock the door.

Growing up with an Incest Loving Family, I am into all things taboo. So, being with these sexy young men is just part of what I love doing. I pull out my lactating titties for them and their dicks are hard instantly in their pants. I tell them it is okay if they want to pull them out and jerk off while I get their milk ready. Of course, they are that patient and the four of them surround me.

I feel their hands on my body, as Tyrone starts nursing on a tit. One of the others is nursing on my other breast. I feel the hands of the other two boys as they are taking my clothes off. Their dicks are nice and big, I can’t help but wrap my hand around two of them. Curious to know all we did that day? Call me to find all the dirty details of my hardcore interracial desires!