Winter here is so harsh. A blizzard is hitting our area of the country today. My family and I are stuck in the house. Daddy and Mama are ahead of the game, so we are stocked up on food and supplies. My siblings and I are getting bored because it sucks being stuck in the house for days. Daddy is pulling out blankets and laying them on the floor. Looking at all of us, he says, “We are an Incest Loving Family. Let’s have some fun!”

We are all excited to have our special family playtime. Stripping down as quickly as possible and getting down on the floor. Mama is bringing in some sex toys and lube. Daddy is standing over and us jerking on his big hard dick. My sisters, Lizzie, June and I are laughing at him as he teases us with it. He is the first cock I ever saw and will always be my favorite. They introduced us early in our incest loving family.

Soon all of us are on the floor laying on the pallets.

My brother, Cal, is sitting next to Mama. She is jerking off his young hard cock. Consequently, this is one of my favorite things. She has master skills with a dick and watching his reaction to her touch is so awesome. I am rubbing my clit and getting wetter by the minute. Daddy and my sisters are kissing as he is exploring their tight teen bodies.

Moving over to them, so I can join them, I crawl across the pallets. I love the feeling of exposing my ass and pussy to Mama and brother as I am on all fours. Looking over my shoulder I see they are both enjoying the view. Reaching out for me, daddy is pulling me into their embrace. Feeling his dick against my thigh, I am instantly dripping wet. We are definitely a naughty incest loving family!

Tonight’s event is extremely hot for our incest loving family.

As Cal is cumming, Mama is as well, squirting all over the blankets. Furthermore, the site of her cumming sends Daddy over the edge and he shoots his load all over my sister and me. We are laying on the pallets, just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. My sisters and I are playing with each other. They are moaning as I expertly slide my fingers into each of them. Indeed, I love the feeling of their young tight pussies squeezing my fingers as they are cumming for me.

Finally, the rest of them are ready to play again. Mama slides over to us girls, spreading her legs to expose her pussy for us. My two sisters get in there and start eating her yummy cunt. I am working my way up her body with my lips. Soon I am at her breasts, sucking and biting her nipples. She is moaning as her three daughters work to please her.

Cal and Daddy are sucking each other’s cocks and it is so sexy.

Additionally, I see Daddy sliding his fingers into Cal’s ass. As he is doing that, Cal is moaning in absolute pleasure. Within no time the two of them are cumming in each other’s mouths releasing load moans. They are crawling to us and their flaccid dicks are swinging between their legs. Once they reach us, they join our fun and we are intertwined in huge incest loving family orgy.

My youngest sister, Lizzie and I start sucking Cal’s perfect pecker as Mama and June are working Daddy’s back to rock hard. Once the boys are hard again, Lizzie and I get into position for fucking. We are down on all fours as Mama and June are guiding their cocks into your tight teen pussies. Feeling the tip of Daddy’s dick in my pussy makes me squeal with excitement.

In addition, Lizzie is yelling at my brother to fuck her harder.

Events like this are the reason I am so incredible at incest phone sex. Sharing my life experiences is such fun and getting you off with them makes my sexy teen pussy tingle. Our parents are amazing at making time for each of us alone with them. Therefore, I love our Daddy-Daughter Secret Playtime. My callers are privy to all of this and more. Want to play?


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