I just thought I’d share the incredible experience I had last night. I’ve always loved anal, there’s nothing better than the feeling when a cock pops inside your asshole for the first time after much lubing and working it in, that pop feeling just sends me wild! I especially love having a cock dipped in my pussy and then my ass, then alternated between the two, YUM! Even having my pussy and ass filled with dick at the same time feels amazing, but nothing compares to what happened last night…

I was super tired after a long day/evening phone whoring, and my pussy was quite sore from shoving dildos and fingers in it all day during calls. My man came home and was obviously feeling amorous because as soon as he came in the door he grabbed me and kissed me hard, shoving his tongue into my mouth while roughly grabbing my ass cheek and rubbed his boner against the front of my shorts. He put his hand inside my knickers and began playing with my pussy, but it felt red raw! There was no way I could enjoy being fucked like I usually do, my poor snatch needed a break!

Never one to leave my man unsatisfied I dropped to my knees and pried his schlong from his pants and began sucking on it hungrily, forcing it all the way to the back of my throat how I know he likes it, but it wasn’t enough, he wanted to fuck. He picked me up under my arms and lay me across the dining room table on my back, pulled down my shorts and knickers and got between my legs. He slapped his cock against my cunt but even a gentle slap made me wince, I’d rubbed my pussy so much she was raw! So instead of letting him fuck my tight sore vag, I reached down and took the shaft of his cock and guided it towards my asshole.

“Really?” He smiled and I smiled back, nodding, and pushed myself towards him. He didn’t take much encouragement and he let a string of spit drop down onto the head of his cock before working it into me. It only took a moment before his cock popped into me and sent a shiver of ecstasy through my whole body. He began to fuck me, slowly at first, until he had his hand on my shoulder and was banging his big dick in and out of my asshole like a demon.

I felt and orgasm building up in me, but this felt different. I hadn’t even touched my pussy but it began to tingle and I could feel my legs and body beginning to tense. I lent my head back and felt the wave surge through me, it was so strong my body began to convulse and my toes curled. I came so hard and in the middle of my orgasm I heard him say “OH MY GOD!” I looked down and I was spraying like a fountain from my cunt, covering his belly, chest and cock with squirt juice! It seemed like it would never end, I have NEVER cum so much in my life! I had squirted all over the floor, my man was soaked, as was his shirt and my shorts and knickers on the floor. After my explosion he couldn’t hold his and he took his dick out and came on my sopping pussy.

That is the first time I’ve squirted without having touched my pussy, let alone from anal! I was shocked, but happy that I’ve discovered a new trick. Just thought I’d tell you guys as I was so proud of myself! Hardcore anal squirting. My new thing. I LOVE IT!


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