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Have you ever had a hot neighbor that you could imagine yourself having hard sex with?  When you look at him all you could think about was getting to the good stuff and picturing all kinds of kinky things the both of you would engage in if only you had the opportunity.  I’m sure we all have those nifty sex stories.  A new neighbor moved in a few houses away.  He seemed like a very nice young man.  One day I went out to spend some time out in the sunshine.  I wore my blue bikini.  As I lounged I closed my eyes for a moment.

The neighbor came over and started talking to me.  He was tanned, had dark hair, and brown eyes, and was nicely built.  I looked down wondering what else was well-built.  I invited my new neighbor in for a drink.  He didn’t seem bothered I kept undressing him with my eyes.  He was looking at me with wide eyes.  We sat on my couch.  As the drinks took effect, he held my hand while we talked.  He leaned in for a kiss.  My neighbor’s name was Grant.  Grant enjoyed my neighborly welcome and kissed me back.

My hands traced his pants and was not disappointed with what I felt.

I slid down to the floor and unzipped his pants.  His cock looked so delicious.  His throbbing cock had a nice juicy head and round shaft that stuck straight up against his belly.  I started sampling his cock by licking the head of his dick.  Grant ran his hand through my hair as I rammed his dick down my throat.  He was so hard!  He stood me up and instructed me to get on the couch and kneel spreading my pussy.

Grant’s mouth and tongue started licking my pussy and ass from behind.  I squirmed against his face pushing back against him.  I was so wet.  All I could think about was raw hard sex with this man right now!  Grant came up behind me and put the tip of his cock against my pussy lips.  He teased me by pulling away.  I looked back at Grant with pleading in my eyes.  He obliged and entered me in one stroke.  The full girth of his thick dick hit my pussy walls.  Grant grabbed my hips and started pounding my pussy.  My tits slapped my chest as he forced me against the couch.  I tilted my head back and screamed for more.  I felt like a bitch in heat panting and crying out.

Grant seemed tireless as he fucked me.

My juices soaked my thighs, his sweat dripped down to my back.  It felt like raw lust that afternoon.  Not much was said, we just understood that we wanted some fun at that moment with one another.  Just then I felt a tap against my shoulder.  I opened my eyes with a start.  My neighbor had come over to me and informed me that one of my sprinkler heads broke and was gushing water everywhere.

I smiled knowing I was gushing everywhere in my fantasy.  I’d like to talk about your naughty fantasies.  Cum and pay me a special visit and call me today.

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