Cute Guy With A Burp Fetish Requests More Soda!

Have you ever met or heard of anyone with a burp fetish?  I have to admit before my date with this individual I had never heard of this particular fetish.  Before my married days, I was set up on a date by one of my girlfriends.  She really meant well, but I didn’t want to appear rude.  I dressed for the evening in something semi casual, but pretty.  Tonight I donned my white top a low neckline, a red soft sweater as the weather was a bit chilly, some stylish black pants, and black heels.  Then I pulled my hair back in a tight bun and applied very light makeup.  The goal was to look decent but not give the impression I was desperate and hadn’t had a date in two weeks.

I met Danny at a small quaint restaurant.    My expression was taken aback.  Sizing Danny up, I couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was.  Danny had jet-black hair, sapphire blue eyes, and a handsome build.  Perhaps this date would not be so bad after all.  When I think of dinner in retrospect everything was going well, and I wasn’t sure what started these events.  Danny caught me off guard with something witty.  Letting my guard down, I laughed, and out came a burp.  My hands went immediately over my mouth to cover any further noise and hide my blushing face.

Just when I was having a good time, something like this happened.  Much to my surprise Danny leaned forward and smiled.  Danny ordered more soda.  He told me he loved when girls belched.  He explained his dick was hard just listening to the way my burp gurgled in my throat before coming out in the open.  Grabbing a soda to go, we headed for his car to talk.  I deduced Danny had a burp fetish.  When I was getting comfortable, he asked me to burp again.  I could see him rubbing his cock through his pants and dry-humping his hand.  I let out with a string of burps as he put his head back against his seat and closed his eyes in rapture while he touched himself.  Laughing, another gurgly burp escaped my throat.  Danny told me he was in love with my bubbly personality.

I knew Danny would go home and finish what he had started thinking about our date tonight.  Did this story get you thinking about your own fetish?  Whatever it is, I’d love to hear from you.


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