Hard Sex

I love having that really hard sex. You know the real passionate kind with lots of deep thrusts? Well phone sex is really hot and all. BUT have you ever tried listening to a girl get fucked while on the phone with you? I bet she’ll moan your name louder and harder than ever.

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Being a phone sex operator for sure has its perks. I’m serious I have the best sex when you horny guys are listening to it. It spices everything up so much in my opinion.  I wonder what position you’d tell me to get in.. I do it all. Anyway, you’d like me to be I’ll do it. On my knees sucking cock is one of my favorites. I love for you to hear me choke. Doggy style s when it feels so big inside of me, that’s when you’ll really hear my moans. Listening to me have sex will also show you how amazing I really am at sex and what I do.

Some people say guys don’t moan but I believe it just takes the right girl to bring it out of him.

Whenever you’re ready to try it just let me know you won’t be disappointed. Listening to me get fucked will make you explode.

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