Can never get enough hard rough sex

I can never get enough of good, hard rough sex. It’s a little difficult to get it just the way I want sometimes.. My first boyfriend was worried he’d break me, since he was a football player but I was only about ~120 lbs. It just made everything more fun! But I had to coax him out of his shell a little, and get him to let out his instincts with me. After a while, it was perfect. But it usually takes me a few weeks to get a new “fling” to get as rough as I want him to get.

I love the darker side of it. When I’ve teased someone far too long. I’ve kept them on the edge of their seat all day, with pictures and sexy little comments.. With quick phone calls just to let them hear how much I want them to fuck me like their dirty little whore.. It all builds off of each other so that when they finally get home, they can’t get their eyes off of me. They can’t pull away, they can’t slow down. They just grab me and throw me on the bed, and get to feel my nails digging into their back. I love rough sex – specially getting rough right back. Biting, clawing, wrapping my legs around them and grinding against them as they go.. It’s just too much for me sometimes and it turns into instinct. The second when you finally give into it and stop realizing what you’re doing.. is probably the best. Because then you get to completely enjoy it.

And I need someone in my life who can give it to me just like that.. maybe throw in a pair of handcuffs or ties from time to time, make it interesting. I could take control, or we could flip the script a few times. The possibilities are endless, I just need to find someone as kinky as I am. 😉 Sometimes I’ve gotten lucky and found the perfect guy for all my dirty fantasies, but he’s been all tied up with someone else. You think I gave a fuck? Absolutely not.. I sink my claws into whoever I want, whether that means a cheating boyfriend or a married man having an affair.

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