He’s her cheating boyfriend – and he’s all mine.

What to do with a cheating boyfriend.. well, if it were me, I’d dump him in a heartbeat.. but the thing is, I’m not the one being cheated on. I’m the little homewrecker causing this mess. It all started with a little misbehaving. A night out with the girls, doing shots and all kind of mixed drinks. It was supposed to be just the few of us, but then Vanessa’s boyfriend decided to stop in and party a little with us. She’d told him about the little party so he wanted to get a little protective and tag along..but he had no idea what he was setting himself up for. His girlfriend was completely safe with us..but he wasn’t. He was half into some ‘Tennessee Apple’ mixed shot drink that she’d suggested when I started talking to him.. She’d gotten tied up on the dance floor and he was just watching her – I got a little feeling that he liked the chance that she might dance with other guys. Who knows. All I know is that he was wide open for a little meddling..and before long, he’d be the cheating boyfriend that he was so worried about her becoming the equivalent of.

Just a few drinks together and I realized he was everything I wanted in a fuckbuddy. He had the young, rough, bad-boy biker vibe going on.. and of course, the more I talked to him, letting out my mischievous side, the more I saw a noticeable bulge in his pants. He was worried about her wandering off..but he was about to be the cheating boyfriend in the relationship. Or, I might just steal him altogether. I was definitely breaking the girl code, but she left him all alone at the bar, with full knowledge that he was surrounded by flirts! So before he even had a clue what was going on, he had my number, and I had his..and I’d sent him a sweet, flirty little winking picture for him to set as my contact pic. And then when the night was all said and done, we went home and no one was there to witness the rest of the story..when he was up late at night and I’d send him little texts, keeping him entertained, keeping him interested.. And then it moved to Snapchat, where I had full reign over being a dirty little slut, teasing him, and having the evidence deleted as soon as he saw it.. Except the few times he screenshotted it – the bastard!

From drinks, to snapchat, to actually sneaking him over to my house and having him lie about where he’d gone for the night.. He was her cheating boyfriend, and my secret fuckbuddy. In her bed by day, in mine by night.. and no one knew any better. 😉 Except whoever might catch a glimpse of my juicy, reddened ass and they would just KNOW that someone’s been giving me a hard spanking. But.. that might just make them jealous instead.

Come play with me.

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