Writing The Cuckold’s Guide is one of my greatest achievements.

I dedicated myself to deep research when penning every word. The Cuckold’s Guide really puts the submissive man in check with his Mistress’s desires. It may be your Wife, Girlfriend, Dominatrix, or Phone Sex Operator who takes you through the steps or this manual. Alternatively, it can be read alone during self-reflection while seeing the woman you love to have fun with her preferred playmate. 

The Cuckold’s Guide may bring up feelings that you have probably long ignored. 

Sit with these thoughts and allow yourself to feel uncomfortable for a moment. If you have no one to chat with the way you’re feeling about, please reach out to me for a phone sex session immediately. You are not alone, beta. Remember that especially when seeing the one you love having her pussy stretched out in front of your face. What started as a kinky couple’s massage has ended with you cleaning up BBC cum. You assumed it would be a mutual three-way experience but once you saw the size of his giant black dick, it became obvious who the Alpha was. 

Understanding this pamphlet may take you a few tries. The Cuckold’s Guide is supposed to leave you with unanswered questions that are going to require deep insight. Reflection of one’s self is key to wrapping your little beta brain around what exactly makes you tick. 

We will dive deep into your memory bank and think back to when you were small. Did you ever try on Mommy’s panties? How about all the times you snuck a peek while she was getting pleased by man? Often times readers of The Cuckold’s Guide have an “Ah-ha Moment” once we begin unlocking those forgotten times from the past. On one hand, you so badly wanted to be the Big Man helping Mommy cum but on the other, you were ever so aware that wasn’t your place. 

If not your Mommy, maybe your Nanny, Grandmother, or Sister? 

It’s been my experience with all these years of research within the fetish that there’s always a root. Some deep hidden moment that has long since been forgotten. Once we locate and come to terms with what really touched you at this age, moving forward can begin. Again- Reflection is how we unlock self-awareness to the psyche. It will only make you stronger in the end and while being a beta male is the ultimate description of weakness, strength will be required of you.

There will be times where you feel as though you are coming out of your skin.

I wish I could say it will always be easy for you. It won’t be and I’m simply not in the business of lying. An animalistic urge to jump in and take what “belongs” to you may flood the mind. Especially when seeing another man take what was once your role, or was supposed to be your role, in the bedroom. You must be solid and submissive, as you could never in your wildest moment please her like he is doing. So sit, read and be quiet for now, Cuck.  

Additional chapters of The Cuckold’s Guide will continue to be published here on my blog. If you feel that you require further therapy, please reach out to me during my business hours for a phone session or alternatively email me to set an appointment. 


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