Happy ending massage, so this is how this story goes.

Happy ending massage, I definitely got more than I bargained for. Michael had told me that he has never had a massage before. Now I know what you are thinking. I am neglecting him. No, I am not I give him massages all of the time. He has just never had a professional on. And yes, he does love my massages, I use a candle that melts into massage oil and then I rub it all over him and massage him very well.

Actually, all of our massages have a happy ending.

But this is not the happy ending I am referring to. I decided to take Michael for a couples massage, a professional one. We arrived at the shop and met the therapists. Michael had Mona, a young white girl with perky tits and a nice round ass. She looks like the perfect one for him. She is 100% his type of girl, as far as looks go. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get hard and embarrass me. Now it is time for me to meet my therapist. His name is Malcolm. Malcolm is tall dark and handsome.

As Michael and I got undressed and slid under the sheets he made a confession to me.

He said that his mind is wandering and he is beginning to get a little hard. I knew it. He was going to get hard from that girl rubbing all over him. Nope, not what he was thinking about. I am now wondering what he is thinking about. I asked him to explain further. He said he is getting hard at the thought of Malcolm rubbing his hands all over my body. This is the point where Mona and Malcolm come back into the room and begin to massage us. Well, this is also the part where I begin to have some fun. As I lay on my stomach and his hands caress my back I began to moan, I actually moan loudly and tell him how good it feels. I even moaned his name.

At this point I see Michael raise an eyebrow as he glares a stare my way.

Now that I know I have his attention I am going to step it up a notch. I let out a little cry and tell Malcolm that I have a cramp in my left butt cheek. He asks if I want him to rub it out. I told him that I would really like that. Noticing that Michael has not taken his eyes off of me. Practically humping the table now Malcolm’s hands is between my legs and making my pussy so wet.

I am going to have a happy ending massage in front of Michael.

I am going to cuckold him and I know he is turned on right now waiting for something else to happen. Next, he walks in front of me and I can see his bulge in his pants. His thumbs make their way underneath the waistband and he moves them towards the floor. His cock is so huge, he grabs his and strokes it, shaking it in my face, I open my mouth and just wait for him to shove it deep down my throat.

That’s exactly what he did.

Fucking my mouth with that big black cock so hard and so deep I began to choke. Before I knew it he had me flipped on my back and his big black cock was going to give me the happy ending massage of my dreams as he slid it in my already wet pussy. For a minute I forgot all about Michael laying there on the next massage table.

Looking over at him, he is still on his stomach and watching everything that is happening.

Mona just keeps rubbing him. I hear her ask him if he is having a good time and if everything is to his satisfaction I could not hear his reply because I was screaming with pleasure. I came so much on that massage table it was amazing.

When I finally caught my breath I could hear the sounds of Michael cumming also.

I’m not sure if it was from him just watching me or if he and Mona did something too. But I will say we both left happy. This happy ending massage is on the top of my favorite sex acts. Right up there with my college gang bang. Now that you are horny and your cock is hard thinking about me getting fucked by that big black cock, let’s have phone sex chat.