Cinema audience.

It was my fuck buddy birthday yesterday! I asked him we could do something he has never done before but always wanted to. I was surprised by his answer. I was expecting something wild like a Bukake Party, or a threesome with a hooker or something. I was happy with anything his heart desired. I was surprised by his answer. He told me he has never gotten a hand job in a movie theater.

So I bought him a ticket to a movie, and told him to go sit about three quarters back, to the left, and I would text him with instructions. I sat in the back row with wearing a trench coat, a  short skirt,with no panties on and I watched him. I texted him to put his jacket over his lap, and then unbutton and unzip his pants. I could see the anxiety in his face as he looked around for me. I had bought him a ticket to see “Annie” on purpose. There were kids and families in the theater. I figured that would add to the excitement.

I moved to the seat right behind him and whispered in his his ear, “show me your dick”. He smiled and slowly revealed his hard on to me. I was getting wet with anticipation. I love my friends thick hard cock so much. I slid into the seat next to him. without making eye contact…watching Annie and the kids in he audience sing something about a hard knock life.

I slid my hand over his thigh and under his coat. I ran my finger tips up the shaft of his cock and felt it twitch. I wrapped my soft hand around his cock and I started to slowly stroke it. It felt so smooth and hard.  I opened my coat a bit, revealing my short skirt to him. I hiked it up so he could I was not wearing any panties. He asked me if he could touch me and I said no. Later when we leave the theater but not now.  His cock was rock hard. I told him that he could not cum till Annie was singing about “tomorrow”. He tried to keep his noises quiet as he was close to cumming. It didn’t really matter. The audience was loud and totally focused on the screen. I whispered to him that if he is a good birthday boy and cums hard for me here in the dark movie theater, we can go get ice cream and he can fuck me hard all day long.

Annie burst into song, and I pumped his cock harder telling him to cum hard now. He did. He exploded, trying not to be too loud. My hand and his coat was sprayed with his man goo. I took my hand out and licked my fingers and kissed him. He was still breathing heavy, trying to catch his breathe when he whispered, “Sara, this is the best birthday I have ever had!”

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