So I love Halloween it is my favorite holiday of all. This year I wanted to do something special for this holiday. So Every blog in October will be a naughty sex story that happens during that week. I want to get extreme and nasty with every naughty guy I can find. This Halloween sex would be the most extreme naughty holiday I had ever had. To get things started off I want to tell you about my friend Skyler. He invited me over for a monster movie marathon. As you know by how nasty and dirty I am I was more excited about what I would get to do to him. We have been friends for so long and had never done anything before. 

This Was Going To Be A Very Hot Halloween Sex Story

I have had a crush on his older brother. He was mean, handsome, and had that I don’t give a fuck tone of voice. I loved the mean aggressive ones they always fucked so much better. This Was going to be a very hot Halloween sex story.  The white dress was super short and barely covered my bottom. My hair laid down my back straight with a nursing cap, I had on my white stripper heels and thigh-high sheer nude pantyhose. They were so into the game they didn’t notice I was even there but that wouldn’t take long.

I Wanted To See Which Brother Had A Bigger Cock

Gently I pulled both their cocks out.  I wanted to see which brother had a bigger cock, Softly I started to stroke their cocks I wanted that rough nasty sex.  When I looked closely I saw that Skyler’s cock wasn’t that big. He had a tiny itty Bitty Cock. While His big brother had such a big huge 10 in cock.  Making Skyler get underneath me was easy, I was going to tease and play with his little cock while his brother fucked me deep and hard. I bent over and started to tease and lick Skyler’s cock. His cock was so soft and small it fit so perfectly in my mouth. I could wrap my tongue around the whole head. The more I licked and teased his little cock the more he moaned.

I Was So Wet Dripping Down His Big Thick Cock

James was behind me now teasing my pussy hole with his cock. I could feel the throbbing and pulsating as he glided his cock back and forth across my hole. This Halloween Sex Party was going to get more extreme, Skyler then turned on a horror flick on the tv. I could hear a girl screaming as James pushed in deep.  The more the girl screamed the more rough and raw James got with me. I was so wet dripping down his big thick cock. Every time he pulled out you could see my juices glistening on his thick cock.  Skyler’s little cock was so turned on he blew all over my face as James blew deep in my Teen pussy.

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