Do You Fancy Hot Man Meat in Your Mouth?

I love the taste of hot man meat so much. The feel of making him cum all over my face and lips is divine. However, getting a man to the point of no return is most of the fun for me.

So, this Halloween, it’s going to be a full moon. I love full moons as they make me feel so alive and full of energy and mischief.

Well, no hot man meat from my husband!

My husband had to work and would be staying over at another town a distance away for a meeting.  Blah, meetings are so boring. Well, I stocked up on some candy and even got a new costume to wear so I could look my scariest when I opened the door to pass out sweets.

I wondered if I would see cute costumes or scary ones.  I was remembering some of the most fun parties I had witnessed, so many good times.

The night was actually quieter than I would have expected.  

Sure, I saw the usual ghosts and goblins. All of the costumes were so cute. Towards the end of the night, there came a knock at the door. At first, I didn’t see anyone, but then looked below my waist and saw a cute robot. However, what caught my eye was a bigger figure.  My body froze when I saw that mask because I remembered him from a party long ago.

When I saw him standing on my doorstep, I was speechless. The memories came back from one of my creepiest but hottest Halloween party sex stories. I had so much fun with this mysterious guy in a mask. To be honest, I never thought I’d see him again. He was actually taking his nephew around to get sweets.

He took off his mask and smiled at me!

So, when he took off his mask, I knew for a fact it was my hot friend I had fucked at the party long ago. I shifted under my sexy red dress and got wet thinking about how he fucked me.

We exchanged some pleasantries then I ended up inviting him to come over later that night.  So, that’s what he did. Later that night, he returned, this time without his mask.

I craved his hot man meat in my mouth!

His hot man meat called to me! When he came inside, we headed right for the bedroom.  It’s as if we had never parted. We kissed passionately as he undressed me, more like he ripped my red dress off. My hands pulled at his shirt and pants.

His cock didn’t disappoint. He was so hard and I went down on my knees and took his hot man meat in my mouth. He tasted so good. Pre-cum dripped onto my tongue and coated my lips.

His hands played in my long blonde hair. I have to admit I got him so worked up, he almost shot his wad of cum in my mouth. I knew he wanted to fuck my wet hole.

He remembered that I loved riding on top of his cock. So, he laid down and I mounted his hard dick. I took him inside of my pussy and started fucking him so hard.

All I wanted was his hot load, but not too quick.

My body wanted to feel his hot man meat shoot his load in my cunt, but wanted to slow down just a bit. I wanted to enjoy every thrust inside of me and cum all over him. I loved getting him almost there, then backing off. He begged and pleaded for me to let him cum.  Don’t worry I would when I was ready.


Have you had the delight of hot man meat in your mouth or a ripe juicy woman? So how about a taste of your own taboo phone sex? I’d be so happy to have a taste of you.

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke