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I hope you’re ready for a sex stories adventure.    This story takes place before my days as a phone sex operator.  When I was just getting out of high school, two of my girlfriends and I used to babysit.  A lot of the families were very closely knit affluent families.  This not only allowed all of us to babysit together but spend more time with one another.  The three of us got a gig to babysit three families.  It was agreed that all of the families would bring their charges to my house as we had a spacious property.  Remember we all grew up in affluent families.

That night, I had forgotten I had a date but didn’t want to lose out on the opportunity to make some very nice bank.  My friends Caren and Jen said they would cover for me just don’t out until the families had dropped off their little ones.  My date was set for 9:00 p.m.  We were planning on a movie.  Now I have to tell you, girls love to gossip as much as guys.  We love sharing juicy details about our conquests and hot guys during intimate adult chats with our besties.

So the girls wanted to know who is this mystery man I am going out with tonight.  I sat down on the couch with them.  I was dressed for my upcoming date with a black dress, stockings, black heels, and well the rest underneath would be for my date to discover.  So I met my mystery date at a Halloween party.  Everyone dressed up for the occasion.  He found me by the punch table getting some refreshment.  He seemed pleasant enough to have a confident air about him.  Then he spun me around the floor.  He was an amazing dancer.  When he took my hand I couldn’t help but notice the elegant ruby ring on his hand.  I remembered this ring because I hardly ever saw a guy wearing a red ruby ring.  He said he got it from his mom.

We went back to my place where we talked and laughed for much of the evening.  Once he removed the mask he certainly was not hard to look at.  He had black curly hair and sapphire blue eyes, muscular.  He had a small but not distracting stud in his ear.  Our first kiss was passionate.  He had this way of cupping my face as if he were holding something precious.  His kisses were driving me crazy.  I knew I wanted more time with him.

Our passion moved to my bedroom.  He slowly undressed me, savoring each moment with kisses and licks.  What stood out for me was the way he took his time enjoying watching me get pleasure.  He had this way of eating my pussy as if he were enjoying an amazing treat.  He would lift my legs so he could lick all of my juices running down my ass.

When he entered me, he thrust within me so passionately, the bed rocked.  I loved having him behind me.  I loved how he thrust his long hardness into my wet pussy.  So I loved how his hands gently ran through my hair or caressed my titties from behind.  Our time together went so fast.  As he dressed I noticed a tattoo on his back.  Another thing we had in common was I have a tattoo.  I walked him to the door and he kissed me good night.  As I lay down in my bed I saw a note and a flower on my pillow.  The note read “I had a lovely night with an astounding woman.  I hope to see you soon.”

This story left me wanting some hot phone sex.  I hope you’ll stay tuned for the next installment of this story.  One new installment will be featured every week until Halloween!

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