His Hair Fetish wasn’t apparent for a long time.  But, when it came out…ALL HELL broke loose!  I’d been growing my luxurious hair for about 10-years and it finally reached the back of my knees.  So, when Tim came home and saw me naked; he said I looked just like Lady Godiva!  I’ll never forget that look and how it made my pussy gush.

In the first place, I knew he loved hair, but I was soon to learn that included my PUSS!  Now, everyone KNOWS I am OCD about my body, so growing pubes was a STRETCH.  Though, the rewards were worth it!  And, I’ll admit that seeing his nose buried in that shiny tangle of pussy hair made me ready to eXXXplode.

Furthermore, his Lady Godiva lay there like a QUEEN as he lapped at me and made that shiny hair even shinier!  The sounds of his slurping driving closer to the edge of insanity and I tangled my fingers in his lush hair.  I’d nearly forgotten the art of quid pro quo in sex because I was so turned OUT!

Who would have guessed that I’d be so turned on by something that’s usually overlooked?!?  I think now that winter is knocking at the door, I may let it grow out to see how much ecstasy Tim can take!  Maybe he’ll give me a slow, loving shave when the time is right…and my pussy is tight. Giggle

So, give me a call.  I’m as freaky as they CUM, Baby! You’ll NEVER meet another who’s so OPEN & WILLING to perform your Fetishes! Mine is the Foot Fetish!  Let me take you to unknown places and liven up your Phonesex Porn Life!  I’ll rock your world and keep you dripping for me.  I bet you’ll never look back!