Don’t be shy about revealing your secret hair fetish.

There’s nothing “weird” about having a hair fetish! One caller very near and dear to my phone sex operator heart revealed his secret forearm hair fetish to me.

He told me he just found something deeply sexy about a woman’s forearm hair. Something about the goosebumps, the erect-ness that happens when a woman is aroused turns him on. And also when they lay dormant, perfect and soft, appeals to his sexual (and overall) psyche, too.

Personally, I have a bit of a hair fetish as well. I have a thing for armpit hair, sans-deodorant. It’s about the pheromones. There’s NOTHING that turns me on more than burying my face, nose, and mouth deep in the filthy armpits of somebody I’m getting freaky with. Mmmm.

Do you have a top secret hair fetish you’ve never confided in anyone, or maybe even admitted aloud to yourself? Let’s explore it together.

Hair is fucking sexy.

I really enjoy callers who appreciate a “full bush,” speaking of hair fetishes. My REAL personal preference is to keep my hair down there uncut, unshaved. I hate the shaving prickle and don’t you want to be having sex with a woman who looks like a woman down there? I do, when I’m eating (and fucking) pussy, anyway. My real opinion is that shaving is like torture. I like men who want to feel like they’re making love to and desiring another grown up. You know what I mean?

I have no taboos and no limits when it comes to fetish phone sex. My list of fetishes could ALWAYS use a new addition, so please, feel free to (try and, lol) surprise me! And I love hearing about new fetishes I’ve never heard of before. The forearm hair fetish was definitely new to me, and it definitely got me wet. Let’s get fucking freaky. So go ahead, call me!