A non-comprehensive list of fetishes that really turn me on.

My exxxtra-arousing list of fetishes this week is especially fucking hot to me because, guess what: they’re my fetishes in real life, too. I’ve mentioned some of these naughty niche interests in past blogs, but here’s my fresh take on my pet paraphilias. Enjoy!!

Idrophrodisia: also called “axilism,” refers to an armpit fetish or armpit, sweaty-smelling sexual fetish. True perverted fact about me: the smell of someone’s armpit is a make or break thing. It’s one of the “crux” factors that gets my pussy DRIPPING wet. It’s about pheromones, right? Right. If I like the way your sweat smells, I want to smell it. If I want to smell it, I want to get even sweatier with you. Right. Now.

Knismolagnia: i.e, “tickle torture.” Actually I enjoy this one both ways, both as your austere Mistress tickling your giggly ass senseless and as the “ticklee.” True fact about me: I am REALLY, REALLY fucking ticklish. Sometimes if I’m worked up into a tickle(d) frenzy, your hands can just get close to me again, not even touch, and I’m laughing hysterically, uncontrollably.

Electrophilia: (i.e., “electro play”) is a beautiful form of CBT. My regular pain slut enthusiast humiliation and/or JOI clients know I love teasing and torturing cocks. If you love fancy sex toys, a little sensation play, and no taboos femdom phonesex, it might be time to invest in a violet wand. Maybe when you’re ready I’ll let you graduate to a TENS machine/unit?? Possibly electrophilia role play: a cock prod for you as my male cum cow. I have a pump hooked up to your pee hole and some electrodes stuck at the base of your cock.

What’s your most taboo phone sex penchant, predilection? I dare you to try and shock me. And hey, if you’re an electrophile, maybe I’ll shock you instead. The more “paraphilias” and fetishes I learn about, the more of a deranged slut I “be-cum.” Will I let you cum during our call? Only one way to find out.

What are you waiting for? I’m right here, waiting for your call!