What does having a “gynarch sex fantasy” mean?

Some discerning male submissives are looking for true, real gynarch sex fantasy role play. Gynarch is an abbreviated (internet-ized/popularized) version of the word “gynarchy,” which means government by women. In other words, a BETTER (and more perfect) version/vision of the world. As a professional phone sex humiliatrix, this concept appeals to me ethically and politically, of course.

I am the gynarch sex fantasy Mistress of your wildest and wettest dreams. Males are inferior, born to serve and submit to their un-equals, their superiors: women. Yes, all women. And yes, all men — or as they wouldn’t say on Twitter: #AllMen. Fucking AMEN.

How would your ideal gynocratic Mistress rule you? Perhaps I’d indulge you in your secret piss fetish sex fantasy. Open up, worm. You are a human toilet, lucky enough to enjoy my delicious golden stream. Don’t forget to say thank you.

Males are incomplete females, a walking abortion, “aborted at the gene stage” as my idol/dyke-con Valerie Solanis wrote. It’s only (MORE) natural to spend your life worshipping, revering, and respecting women. The same respect is something you just don’t deserve. And you’ll never earn it. But then again, if you’re a true gynarch fantasy sex enthusiast, you’d never expect or want to.

Unfortunately, we live in a patriarchal society. This is another reason gynarch fantasy sex calls are some of my FAVORITE types to answer. “Thank Goddess!” I often exclaim afterward. Your fantasy is also my fantasy world. And the kind of call I pray for (again, to the Goddesses) all day. Yes, really. Fuck the “brotherhood of Man.” Men are weak. Men are disgusting. And men are incompetent, impotent worms. When I hear “man,” I hear “slave.”

A life of servitude is a gift, from me to you and all other male slaves.

I love clothed female/naked male (“CFNM”) fantasies, too. Personally, I’ve always felt strange while getting busy with someone if I don’t have clothes on but they still do. There’s something inherently un-egalitarian about the feeling of that dynamic. It’s not just symbolic. It’s visceral. A difference in power. And that is the kind of power only I have (and CAN have) over you.

Men “wielding” power only results in disaster. Or perhaps underwhelming mediocrity at best. Pitiful. Short-sighted. And, of course, unimaginative. These are just a few of the words that spring to mind when I think of your inferior sex. Naturally, these feelings about males make me predisposed to be a good (i.e. cruel) humiliatrix. Did I mention I love humiliation phone sex?

Of course, I’m versatile. Maybe you’re more of a service sub and/or power bottom type. That’s just fine. I don’t have to abuse you to use you. Perhaps I can be a more benevolent Mistress/Master. Either way, I own you. You. Are. Mine. The “tables” need to be turned, and it’s our hierarchy or the highway to all the gynarch fantasy sex haters out there. They don’t know what they’re missing.

A gynocratic, matriarchal society role play feels subversive to me.

Since it’s not the way the world really is, it feels extra subversive to me. To many of my callers who’ve felt disempowered by past ladies and/or lovers in their life, it feels empowering to re-enact those moments of submission on their own terms, consensually. To me, it feels sexier to play to my strengths (being sexually dominant) than pretend to be something I’m really not. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cultivating my versatileness, of course. But at the end of the day, I’m kind of a big bad top.

One of my favorite femdom role play futures takes place in a real post-feminism utopia, i.e. when all men are slaves and/or (preferably) eunuchs. That awful external genitalia is just keeping you back from bigger and better (not to mention more cerebral) pursuits. Luckily, you’re liberated in our future phone sex world together. And by liberated, I mean “free” in the sense of “Arbeit Macht Frei.” Haha. Aren’t you lucky to have such a witty, mean Mistress? Yes, you are.

Finally, if you have a gynarch sex fantasy — guess what? More than any other phone sex operator out there, I’m the intellectual domina for you.

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