I know what your guilty pleasure is, but I want you to confess it to me?

Guilty pleasure is something that one enjoys despite feeling that it may not be held in high regard to other people. We all have our hidden little kinks of a guilty pleasure because without those we’d be boring robots of people. I found out what your guilty pleasure was and it made me want to please you even more. But I want to hear it from your lips though, I want you to be in the middle of a phone fuck with me and admit that there really isn’t anything that gets you off more than seeing a girl getting cum shots all over her face, a bukkake slut. And the more dicks that spew the better you like it.

You had no idea that I caught you watching bukkake porn over and over again for the last month. I was secretly watching from the hallway, my hands stuck down my panties fingering myself like a nympho.  Your guilty pleasure turns me on and I’m going to call you out on it. Tonight I’ve got the perfect plan! A little sensual seduction and foreplay, a little porn hub for us to watch together, and then I’m going to make you confess to me your guilty pleasure.

I want to see your face when you say those words, as I’m making you jerk that cock, my mouth open to receive your gift.

I left you a note in the kitchen that I’d be upstairs and waiting for you. Then I heard you coming up the stairs so I got up on my knees on the bed. You caught your breath as you saw me there, nipples hard peering over the top of my demi bra, a black laced thong, and sheer black stockings held up by my garter belt, and 6″ stiletto heels. I walked over to you and started to get you undressed, taking off that tie, then ripping your shirt open.

I bite your bottom lip softly as I undid your belt and pants, letting them slip down to your ankles. “Oh my, what do we have here?”, I asked as I made my way down to that throbbing organ I held in my hand. As I entertained your balls and gave you a blowjob, I could feel you want to thrust it into my mouth deeper. We ended up on the bed next doing 69 with me underneath so you could force feed me that huge dick, and lick and finger my sweet pink box at the same time.

I reached over and grabbed the remote, the video already set to the hottest bukkake video I’d ever seen. I slid out from underneath him and pushed him over, taking control and putting his cock back in my mouth again. The room filled with the girl moaning with pleasure, and begs for cum from the five guys surrounding her. I stopped long enough to watch the screen and say, “oh my god this makes me so fucking horny!”, “do you like it too?”.

He shook his head, yes, his eyes darting from the TV back to me. Then I stopped sucking him and just stroked his cock very slowly.

“Let me fuck you!”, he said, and I smiled and shook my head. “Please baby, I need you!”, he pleaded, but I just shook my head and smiled again. “I might let you fuck me, but I think there is something different you’d like to do to me instead”, I said. “But first you have to confess to me what your biggest guilty pleasure is”.

I got up, and pulled him toward the TV, and made him watch her open her mouth as one guy started to cum all over her face. I heard him moan.  He went to stroke his dick but I slapped his hand and told him he didn’t get to pleasure himself until he told me what I wanted to hear. He tried to look away and I forced his face back to watch and commanded him to tell me his guilty pleasure, and finally, he did! I smiled and dropped to my knees. “That’s all I wanted to hear, and now I want you to do to me just what they did to her!”.

“Are you going to turn me into your cum canvas?”, I asked as I smiled demurely up at him. I opened my mouth as he started to jerk his cock which was already flinging pre cum all over my face.  And as he busted that nut, turning me into a bukkake slut, he kept saying over and over again bukkake IS my guilty pleasure!

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