All Work And No Play

Work can be such a bore. However, it doesn’t have to be when I am only a phone call away! I love to tease and please my hard-working men while they are in the office. Bosses can be such assholes! They can always find a way to increase your workload or make you stay late. Wives can be assholes too! After a long day at work, you’ll find yourself coming home to non-stop nagging and more chores around the house. Don’t let the assholes take away everything. Lock your office door, unzip your pants, and pick up the phone! Then you and I can enjoy some guided office masturbation and make your day just a little bit better!

Picture this: Your asshole boss has told you that they moved up your deadline and now you have to go to work on Saturday. Now your wife is mad at you for wasting the weekend at your job and you know that the second you get home it will be an earful! All you want to do is jack off and tell everyone to go screw themselves. When you get to your job you notice that you are the only one in the building. Once you sit down at your computer, you go ahead and take off your belt to get a little more comfortable. Then, a little chat bubble with my name appears.

“Hey, Sexy! What are you up to this weekend?”

A loud sigh escapes your mouth as you type the dreaded words, “Just working.”

I reply, “Bummer! I was really in the mood for some hot weekend morning sex.”

After reading that, your cock starts to get tingly and you know that some weekend morning sex would be exactly the thing to cure your bad day. However, you have too much on your plate to leave the office and come to me. So, you pick up your phone and call my phone sex hotline and ask me if we can do a guided office masturbation call. Anything you want, I will always answer yes!

The Start of Our Guided Office Masturbation Phone Sex

Once you hear my sweet voice whispering into your ear, the tingling in your pants turns into a full-on erection. My commands start out sweet and easy. I tell you to unzip those pants and let that cock free for me. Then, I send you a quick email full of my naughty nudes. I can hear the tapping of your mouse as you scroll and save them. Your guided office masturbation now has some visuals and you are ready to start fucking yourself to the sound of my voice and the image of my perfect pussy.

Then I tell you to lay your head back and stroke your cock nice and slow. As you start to pump your cock, I am listening to the speed of your breath and touching myself on the other end of the phone. Then, I ask you what has you so tense today. The memory of your asshole boss and wife flood back and your blood starts to boil. Good!!! That is what I want. I want you to use that anger and that energy to cum hard with me over the phone! My commands get a little more aggressive as I make you stand and stroke yourself at a faster pace.

Show That Asshole Who is In Charge!

I can hear you getting closer and closer. Finally, I ask you if you want to cum. Now you are beginning to sound desperate. You are so ready for that release and you know that I am the only one who can give it to you. For the final step in our guided office masturbation call, I will take you out of your comfort zone. I have built you up with my sweet yet taunting whispers. Then I lead you to your boss’s office and you open the door. In front of you lies the desk belonging to the biggest prick you know. My words get slower and quieter as I begin chanting.

“Do it. Do it. You know that you want to do it!”

At last, I hear your passionate groan as you shoot your big load all over your bosses desk. Your balls empty onto his files, his laptop, and his chair. The last few pumps you force out sends you into a state of ecstasy and exhaustion all at once. Finally, you sit back on his leather couch with your ass cheeks exposed and your dick in your hand. And with your panting breath, you say,

“Can we please do another guided office masturbation call tomorrow?”


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