Weekend Morning Sex

After a long work week, the weekends are the absolute best! Waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning knowing that the whole day ahead is what I want to make of it, is such a feeling of relief. If I really want to make it the best couple of days, I always start it out with incredibly hot and stress relieving sex! If I start my day feeling great, chances are, my day will reflect that same positive energy. So, wake up, get horny, and have some weekend morning sex with me!

Coffee or Sex?

One of the best things in the morning is drinking that first cup of fresh coffee. It is such a satisfying start to the day because it gives me that little boost of energy I need to make it great! Getting it on first thing in the morning has the same effect! Sex can boost energy and happiness from the get-go. If it were possible, sex every morning would be an excellent routine to get into. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time with a busy work schedule. Saving it for the weekend only means that I have something to look forward to! Weekend morning sex has so many benefits!

Sexy Saturdays

Morning is one of the best times for sex because the body is already prepared for it. I love feeling my partner’s hard morning wood pressed up against me when I wake up. Feeling his body close to mine gets me very excited. Most mornings, I wake up from some pretty intense sexual dreams. Often I have daddy and daughter sex dreams and I just crave cock from the moment I wake. I love reaching back and stroking that stiff hard cock until my lover wakes up ready to have some hot weekend morning sex!

Seduce Me Sundays

As I am stroking his cock, I listen for his breathing to start getting heavy and a bit faster paced. Dry humping and rubbing up against him always wakes him up a little faster. When his arm crosses over me and pulls me in, I know that we are in! Then, I will push him off of me gently and get between his legs. My mouth is watering for a taste of his cock. His throbbing member IS my morning coffee. As I slide him into my lips, his start to the morning is already perfect.

With my mouth bobbing up and down on his dick and my fingers teasing his balls, both of us are craving each other first thing in the morning. I think that weekend morning sex really does strengthen the bond between lovers. It keeps that physical attraction on its toes! Once the need has reached its peak, my lover and I usually result back to one of our favorite positions.

Favorite Morning Positions

When it comes to picking the perfect position, you have to take into account that you have just woken up and shouldn’t stress your body too hard. Sometimes, the spooning position is perfect for some weekend morning sex. Just curling back up into my lover’s arms and feeling him pressed tight against me is exactly what I need. He is easily able to slide his hard cock inside of me and both of us can thrust our hips and share in the work and the pleasure. Other times, I am the first awake and just in need of a good hard fuck to wake me up and fill me with energy. Those times, I love to straddle his cock after I have just sucked it.

Riding him gives me the power to make us both feel good. Weekend morning sex is similar to waking up and going to the gym to start your day. Except, sex is of course…SEX! When I am riding his cock, I can feel my body coming alive on top of him. Our bodies are building up this excitement from the start. When we can finally cum together, it is the most satisfying release and perfect motivation to start our day. Sometimes, we may decide to stay in bed and let that weekend morning sex last until Sunday night!

Can We Have Monday Morning Sex?

Lucky for me (and you) I get to play on the phone 6 days a week! Then I don’t always have to wait for the weekend for an amazing orgasm. I just have to wait for your call. So, don’t let this perfect pussy go to waste.

Give my phone sex hotline a ring and let’s have some incredible ‘any time of the day’ SEX!