Dirty sex stories are in no short supply when it comes to me. I am the taboo phone sex blonde bombshell that knows how to find all of the right kind of trouble. However, the other day when I got all dressed up and went out I never expected to be so bad. I should have known though. After all, when it comes to me and a super tight dress, eager cocks just gravitate to me. So, while I pulled down the slot machines waiting to hit the jack pot he found me. I could tell he had loads of money by the way he was dressed.

Guess Who Won Her Some New Dirty Sex Stories?

He slid into the seat next to me commenting on how I looked a little too lonely. I could not help but roll my eyes at his corny flirtation attempts. However, I tried my hardest to ignore all of him and his douche baggy I caught a glimpse of his saving grace. The size of his bulging penis in the front of his pants. Seeing just the formation of his trousers around his cock made my cunt twitch ever so slightly. So I flirted back with him, figured I might as well have some fun if he was paying.

And Pay He Did!

He invited me up to his penthouse room and the two of us got into some kinky and wild fun. I was his little fuck puppet. In no time the two of us were butt naked and rolling in the sheets. He had no problem making me cum over and over again eating my pussy. Although, the grand finale came when he stuffed every inch of his cock into the back of my throat. Right before he showered my pretty face with every last drop of his thick creamy load. Told me that I had really won the jackpot now.

Taboo phone sex

taboo phone sex

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