September 24, 2014

Dearest Griffin,

It has taken me some time to write you again.  Your last letter was so profoundly moving and  to be honest, I must admit it left me shaken.  Your desire for me is almost tangible.  Your words crept into me like a drink of fine whiskey, warming my blood and rendering me a bit senseless and giddy.  When I considered your words more carefully, I realized I am standing at a precipice, about to let myself drop into a new world, a new life and not knowing what lies ahead, unsure of what awaits me.

A part of me believes I should tear up your letters, forget you and continue on with life as it is now.  Predicable, safe… yes, boring.  Another part of me wants to take the leap and let the net appear, falling into your arms and letting myself be wrapped in the warmth of your desire.

I could not bring myself to tear up your letters.  In fact, I read them numerous times per day and at times, I even escape to a quiet place where I can close my eyes and imagine your hands and lips on my body, expertly waking my senses and teaching me things I was never aware my body was capable of feeling.

This morning I awoke from a lusty dream about us and my fingers were already slipping inside my panties and into my pussy as I was opening my eyes from sleep.   I dreamed that you came into my bedroom and pulled my covers off of me, gazing at my nakedness for a minute before you removed your clothes and joined me in bed.  Your fingers and tongue immediately found my wet pussy and I felt the warmth of your breath on me like a blanket.  You expertly probed and licked me, knowing exactly how to make my pussy gush with excited wetness with each stroke.  You diligently kept the perfect rhythm with lips and tongue, until I reached the peak of my first of multiple deliciously forceful orgasms.

My eyes opened and I continued the dream in my mind while I touched my wetness and imagined you beside me, our hands working together to satisfy my deepest urges.  I realized then that I simply need you.  As soon as I accepted that as truth, I could not wait to tell you.  I want you completely and I want you always.  I want you to tonight.  I’m going to leave this note right outside your office door and if you want me to, come to my home tonight at 9:00 p.m.   The front door will be open and my bedroom door is at the top of the stairs.

Tonight, we will prove to each other that we are meant to be lovers.

With anticipation,

Your Sabrina



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