You can hear me now, perhaps. Sense my presence, most certainly. I catch the scent of you, Sabrina, as I step to the first stair of the winding stairway to your bedroom. My body surges with desire, my steel-blue eyes flash in anticipation. I am coming for you, Ms Davenport. To ravage you, devour you, savor you. To make you mine. Finally. Eternally. Completely.

Entering your bedroom quietly, I find you there, long legs spread open, wide, ready to receive my power deep inside you. Your eyes meet mine, electric with lust, and I feel my hardness grow fuller and thicker than ever before. There is no delicate way to put this, Ms Davenport: I want fuck you… hard.

Moving to the edge of your bed, our eyes locked, I undress slowly, letting your eyes roam. You smile as I drop my expensive dress pants to the floor, almost carelessly. Every muscle in your body is aching in that moment, every nerve electric.

I don’t hesitate. Grabbing your ankles in my strong hands, I pull you toward me suddenly. driving my hard, thick cock deeply into your wet pussy. You gasp, loudly, at the violent waves triggered by with my first, pounding thrust. i bury myself inside you, my balls slapping wildly against your silken, white ass, as you wrap your legs tightly around my back. Your nails digging into my shoulders as I fuck you, my cock ravaging your beautifully shaved pussy.

I hear your soft moans erupt into screams, but I am lost, burying my cock, feeling your legs tighten, your nails break my skin, the blood trickling across my shoulders. I hear my own voice, echoing off the walls as I demand you to take all of me, fully and deeply. Let me fill you, Sabrina. Make you mine. Finally.



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