Hot Young Blonde is a Greedy College Escort

When I first became an escort, I wasn’t in the business to have sex with my clients. I was paid for my companionship. Most of the time, the men just wanted a pretty, young blonde on their arm for events. Sometimes, the night would end in a hotel suite with a striptease or lap dance. Other nights it would only end with a one-on-one conversation over a glass of wine. After one experience, in particular, my mindset changed and my hunger for money grew. One man turned me into the greedy college escort that I am today.

Just Another Night

It was just another night with a familiar appointment. I was hired to hang on the arm of a rich man trying to impress his friends. He had bought me a new, red, cocktail dress and heels for our outing. I was impressed when he sent a limo to pick me up for the night. When I arrived at the party, he greeted me at the limo. After opening the door, he pulled out a clip of cash. It must have been well over five thousand just sitting in his hand. He tipped the driver and handed me the money for the night upfront. I was satisfied and ready to complete my job.

Some Alone Time

We walked through the party and chatted up the other guests. By the end of the night, my client asked to spend some personal time with me in his suite. He pulled out some more money and lured this greedy college escort up to his room. After we got inside, the two of us sat down on the couch and popped a bottle of champagne. Only a few sips later, the horny pay pig was ready to make his move. He patted his leg and invited me to sit on his lap. So, I climbed up into his lap and started to grind my pretty red dress up against his growing cock.

His hands started to rub down my hips and to my thighs. When his fingertips reached my knees he tried to slide them up through the bottom of my dress. I quickly placed my hands on top of his and pushed him away teasingly. Then he said something a greedy college escort couldn’t refuse.
“What if I pay you a little bit more? Could I see how you look without the dress then?”
I wasn’t going to refuse his generous offer. Then he pulled out more money from his clip and I started to dance my way out of my dress.

Paying For Pleasure

As I stood there in my red lace bra and panties, I could see his cock throb in his pants. Then the greedy college escort in me gave in and I said, “I can take off more if you can pay for it.” The money started to stack up and my limits flew out of the window. Before I knew it, I was sucking the rich man’s cock and staring at a pile of cash that was all for me. I didn’t think that I would go any further than a blowjob. Then he pulled out a second clip with another five thousand dollars. After that, nothing could stop this greedy college escort from draining her horny pay pig.

Greedy College Escort

Then I climbed up on top of his dick and rode it like a professional pornstar. I watched the money bounce on the bed as I bounced on his cock, it was such a turn-on. I came all over his rich prick and let his hot cum fill me the way his money would fill my bank account. That’s when I knew that I love to fuck rich men more than anything in the world.

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