My Type

After reading my blogs, you might assume that I will fuck just about anyone! That belief is not entirely wrong. I do have a type, and that type is any man with a big cock. That’s why I am a proud size queen! But, not everyone can be so lucky to have a massive penis for me to crave. For the right price, I can be persuaded to step outside of my interests. If your bank account makes up for your mediocre cock, I might be able to make something work. I won’t have sex with just any man with an average dick, but I will fuck rich men who have them!

There is something about cash that makes me so wet! Maybe it’s the smell of the money when it’s freshly pulled out of the bank. It could be the sound of the stack smacking against my ass that gets me excited. Or maybe it’s the feeling of power when I fuck rich men and drain their balls and bank account at the same time. Either way, if you want to excite me, show me the green!

College Sluts Love To Fuck Rich Men

Here’s a good example! One time, I was hanging out at the beach with my girlfriends when this older man approached us. We didn’t pay him much attention but one of my girlfriends did allow him to rub her down with some lotion. As the rest of us were minding our own business, I couldn’t help but overhear this man talking about his yacht over at the docks. Immediately, I am seeing dollar signs and my bikini bottoms are getting wetter than the ocean. I whispered to my girlfriends and told them that we have to go see this boat. After a little flirting, he took us to go see it.

So, there we are, five hot college girls and a man with a yacht. He leaves us on the deck of his home on the water and fetches us some champagne. He brings out the best champagne money can buy. This guy is loaded! We set sail and I decided to make my move. I went over to the man and took a seat right down on his lap. As we chatted, he told me that his money has made him more confident. And why shouldn’t he be? He has a group of hot chicks on his boat! That’s when I leaned in and whispered, “For the right price, my girlfriends and I could make you even happier today. We love to fuck rich men!”

Pay Us To Please You

He quickly agreed, so I called my girlfriends over and we all began to undress him. One by one, we started to take off our bikinis. Then, we pulled out his cock. His dick is average-sized but not what I prefer. However, I was going to make a lot of money by making him cum. So, I dropped to my knees and shared him with one of my girlfriends. Each of us took turns licking and sucking him until he was about to blow. Finally, I hopped on top to earn my extra tip. If I have learned anything it is that when I fuck rich men, I take the load and make more than all the other girls.

Then he shot that hot cum deep inside of me. My girlfriends kissed him and cheered him on. I was grinding my hips to drain every bit of cum out of him. All I could hear was “Cha-Ching” playing on repeat in my mind. I was so excited for his money, I even came myself! My pussy juices poured down his cock as he handed us each a wad of cash. Then he pulled me to the side and slid a second wad into my soaked bikini top. And that is why I love to fuck rich men!

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