Alexander, my young neighbor, is quite a diva. He loves shopping with Lexi and me. We can spend hours at the mall and he is into lingerie as much as me. We adore him as he is and want to encourage him to be his true self. Of course, with all my experience, I know it is time for Granny’s Sissy Training for my precious boy. He and I are discussing the process and he is ready too.

I love doing Fetish Phone Sex when I am online taking calls. Whether I am working with panty boys, sissies in need of training, some BBC cuckolding or some other awesome fetish fun, it is all hot to me. I love the BBC and the naughty fun I have with the callers. Cheating wives fucking superior big black cocks while their husbands watch and jerk off. Of course, it is even more fun to make him suck that huge dick.

I get a lot of guys that need Granny’s Sissy Training.

There are guys looking for humiliation and then, there are the guys that need a loving, caring granny. I give them my Granny Sissy Time. Our night is starting with a hug and time to release all the day’s stress. Then, we are into my lingerie to find your color. I am happy to do your makeup, helping you to be the diva you are dreaming of at night. Of course, all of it without judgment.

I love all the sissies and our time together. I am also quite happy to humiliate them and turn them into my little cum sluts. Of course, I get to doll them up all pretty too. For me, that is a lot of fun. Showing them how to be a proper girl. Getting them ready to entertain gentlemen callers with nice hard dicks. Dicks that are craving tight man pussy. I love being there when they lose that virginity!

Additionally, filming it for them is my gift to them. It is my way of preserving their special moment. When their night is done, they can watch that amazing time again and again. Getting off on their own or sharing it with others.

I love the gift of sharing that time with my sissy boys.

Alexander is ready for granny’s sissy training.  We are at my place going through my gigantic collection of lingerie. He is always in awe of my clothes. And, I love sharing them with others. This is the first time he is willing to let me dress him and it is so exciting. First, we figure out his color. Which is emerald green and goes with his beautiful eyes.

We start with the undergarments first. Sexy matching bra and panty set first. Then, silk thigh high stockings with a garter belt. I have the perfect dress to set off his skin tone that has emerald in it and is very sexy. We get him in the dress, then, pick out some shorter heels for him to start with. No need to break an ankle his first time in full sissy mode.

He is absolutely magnificent.

I have invited over some male friends that are attracted to pretty sissy boys for Alexander’s diva party. I don’t know that anything will happen other than flirting but I want him to get his sexy heeled feet wet.