It is heartwrenching as I am meeting so many that are being judged for being who they are as feminine sissy boys. Of course, if you are someone that is all about enjoying GILF Sissy Humiliation and verbal abuse, I am your gal. Conversely, if you are craving a grandma that is loving and caring, here I am. With Granny Sissy Time, we are enjoying you as you are and feminizing you as well. In a “soft touch” process, taking away your social masks, bringing out the real sissy boy in you.

My lingerie is one of my favorite items of clothing. Feeling sexy is important to me. Helping you in finding your own sexy is an amazing feeling. Are you searching for someone that is able to educate and guide you? As a mature Goddess, I have the skills that will turn you into a whole new persona.

You stepping out of your cacoon with the help of my Granny Sissy Time is wonderful!

I am so excited for our time tonight. As you are arriving, we hug and let go of the day’s stressors. Relaxing in my embrace, you start to release the masks you are wearing each day. I suggest for tonight’s event to be successful, start shedding those manly clothes. Let me help you. Unbuttoning your shirt and sliding down your arms, you feel lighter immediately.

Furthermore, as the rest of the clothes are falling off, you know this is a life-altering event. Therefore, you’re officially where you need to be and this granny sissy time is going to bring you a whole new outlook on life. Instead of walking through every day with the weight of your secrets, you are going to be shining with happiness.

That is just one of my main goals with granny sissy time.

Showing you how freeing it is embracing the real you. Allowing all your burdens to melt away. This grandma is all about you and what is making you feel amazing. As you are shedding the day’s stuff clothes, you are just beginning to see how great it will be. Now, you need to get into that shower. Finding all the best feminine soaps and shampoos, use them to feel gorgeous.

Next, as you are stepping out of the shower, pamper yourself with those exquisite towels. Egyptian cotton caressing your skin as you dry off. Once you are fully dry, I am applying this luxurious perfumed lotion to your body. As I do this, your little clit starts to get a rise. Oh my, that is making my heart happy. You are enjoying your granny sissy time.

Now is time for the matching powder to seal in the fragrance.

Goodness, you are smelling divine darling. Is that fragrance acceptable? It is Jimmy Choo, your new signature perfume. Come with me to my bedroom, we are going to get you into your lingerie now. As we are walking into my bedroom, you see the most beautiful soft pink lingerie laying on the bed, just for you. Specifically, I spent time picking this just for you.

Let me sit in the chair as you are dressing and enjoy watching you. Picking up the satin panties, sliding them up your legs, you moan with pleasure. Once they are in place your clit pokes the material as you are still hard. I motion for you to come near me. As you are standing in front of me I run my hand over your crotch, squeezing your perky clit with my fingers.

Obviously, it feels good as your legs begin shaking.

Directing you to finish with dressing, I continue enjoying you put each item on. As the slip is falling down your body, a huge grin is spreading on your face. How amazing seeing how happy your right now. Letting go of all that you have been carrying. Those things no longer serve a purpose and you are now this beautiful sissy boy for Grandma.

Oh, who is knocking at my door? Go on answer it silly. Opening the door, you see there are two very sexy men. Inviting them in, we show them to my bedroom. These gentlemen are your gift darling. Above all, they love sissy boys and all their skills. Hence, finishing out our granny sissy time, I am showing you how to please a man using all your God-given tools.

Want to know what he learns next, or feel like playing with me during your own Granny Sissy Time? Call me for taboo phone sex. Consequently, you will not be disappointed.

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