Look at you! I love the way you look with your make-up done. Do you feel sexy? I like that dress on you. The color accents your eye color quite well. Jasmine cologne is quite intoxicating on you. Do you feel like it is your scent now? Of course, now that you are a proper lady, we need to delve into your mind to provide me with the personal details I need. To best serve you on this path, I need to know every deep dark secret you have kept hidden away. GILF sissy humiliation is all part of the process.

Don’t look at me like that. Yes, it will be scary confessing them all but it will feel so good to unload them after all these years of carrying them. Will I use them against you, of course. I love helping you to transition and adore how gorgeous you look now. That will always be the case but I am a Mistress and enjoy GILF sissy humiliation way too much to give you a pass darlin’.

GILF Sissy Humiliation is so fucking fun! Trust me you will love it too!

I know for a fact you have always enjoyed humiliation. So, truthfully, we are just doing the same thing with different words. You are my sissy bitch, fact. We both know you are a cum whore, fact. I will continue to throw that in your face. Add in the new information from those long-held secrets and bam, we have one hell of a humiliation party! The cool part today is you have an audience coming.

Wipe that panic off your face little bitch. What is the point of getting you this sexy and not showing you off? I invited over some sexy mother fuckers with nice big dicks to play with us. Awe, there is that gorgeous smile I want to see. I knew you would love it. One thing I know for certain is you crave rock hard cocks. My goal is to provide them for your fun. Now, during playtime, I will be whipping out that GILF sissy humiliation.

The gentleman I have invited over are very curious about your clitty.

We both know with that tiny little pecker you have, it is easily mistaken for a clitoris anyway. Furthermore, now that you are sissified and a proper lady, you can claim it as such. While we were in the GILF Sissy Feminization process, we discussed your little clit. The lady training taught you how much men love to please their girl by sucking on her clit. Our guests tonight will probably be more about the sucking of their huge cocks, but just in case be prepared to let them see and play with your clitoris.

As your mature phone sex operator, I will be both cruel and classy during the fun. My goal is to allow you some fun but to also use the humiliation to break your mind. It is a fine line and I love to walk that bitch. For instance, I know they may want to play with your clit, but I don’t want you to get spoiled so I may so no, just to be a bitch. Also, I know how much you love sucking and taking big dicks, so you will focus on that.

You are now one sexy bitch and will be in demand!

Since this is the case, make sure to keep that hairy body groomed at all times sissy bitch. I mean every fucking inch of your body will need to be smooth as a baby’s ass. Schedule regular appointments to have it done professionally and you will such a happy lady. Your gentlemen callers will also appreciate the extra effort to remain feminine for them.

Mani’s and pedi’s are also an absolute necessity if you want to be a proper lady. Can you skip them, of course, you can. Will you look like your old, ugly ass man self, fuck yes. I put in a lot of work to help you look this damn good! Don’t waste all that effort. Plus, if you start now with regular maintenance, you will see it is easier to maintain being a sexy bitch. Now, stand up straight and strut your ass out to see our guests.

Curious to know how it goes, or want it to be you? Call me to hear the dirty details….

mature phone sex operator