I am not sure where my lingerie has been going but I am going to figure it out. Of course, only my grandson is here with me most of the time. I did not expect to be giving him granny giantess punishment.

However, upon arriving home today, I find him in my panties and bra. Not only that, he is using one of my socks to masturbate. The little fucker has been taking my lingerie all along.

So, I have a panty thief for a grandson. I can send him home or I can use my equipment on him and keep him around for my pleasure. First, I am starting with a cock cage.

Of course, that is just the beginning of my granny giantess punishment.

I have invested in some new equipment that shrinks down items to make them easier to store. It is for inanimate objects but I am ready to try it on a living being. Hahaha.

My other grandson is a sissy and panty-boy. He openly shares all of this with me. Actually, he came to me for some GILF Sissy Training. He knows exactly who he needs to show him the way.

That grandson never forces my hand or makes me bring out the granny giantess punishment as little Davey does! Davey is so bad the only option for him is shrinking.

I can’t wait to see all the things I can do with him!

Of course, my family and their wildness come in handy for my calls during my Fetish Phone Sex. Because I am open to anything, my callers can experience any fetish with this sexy GILF.

Back to Davey and his naughty self. Using the equipment on him is risky but worth it. As it starts, I can see it is slowly working! He is writhing around as he is getting smaller and smaller.

Holy Shite! I wasn’t expecting this with my granny giantess punishment. Little Davey is actually tiny Davey now. He is an inch and a half tall. Oh, this is exquisite! I have so many plans for you young man.

Of course, I have to tell his parent something.

I call them up. As we are talking, I am weeping to tell them we have been arguing about his bad behavior. And, that he finally got so mad, he ran out of the house and I can’t find him. Of course, as tiny as he is now if I don’t keep him in a container, that part is true.

They are devastated and say they will get with the authorities. Additionally, if they need to speak with me, someone will be in touch. Hahahaha, of course, they will. Shocking I am so callous, with my granny giantess punishment, right?!

Well, one of my nicknames is the Devil Granny, so, this is who I am. My punishments can be extremely severe. It is all depending on how well my victim behaves for me. Perhaps your cock is getting hard right now?

Are you craving some naughty GILF time? Call me and let’s get dirty!