So, last night I got pretty shit faced.  I mean fucking hammered.  I was so DRUNK!  So this afternoon, I am reliving my night by the recording of me singing this song I apparently wrote after the fifth shot of  cherry vodka.  It is such an epic moment in my crazy life style.  I just had to share with you all of you. 

“I’m Gonna Make You Cum”

I’m gonna make you cum tonight!

Jerking that cock, just so right.

Gonna tickle the balls with my tongue.

Let my finger linger until you cum!

My hot desires are on fire tonight.

Soaking, Wet Pussy, YUMMY so tight!

I’m gonna tickle the tip with my lips,

Feeling you wiggle in between my hips.

Yeah, I’m gonna make you cum tonight.

Stroke it, Jerk it, Fuck It,

Milk it for life.

I’m gonna swallow that shit , Cuz I don’t spit it out.

Make sure you get it all in my mouth.

My wet pussy is aching so bad,

Wishing for the biggest cock in my ass.

Oh, I am gonna make you cum tonight.

Your gonna cum once, cum twice,

Cum three times!

This little phone slut  does it  right.

Juicing it up till the balls are tight

I am gonna make you cum  over again,

Your only gonna  ask for Miss. Carmen

 I am the sweet treat that all the boys love!

Making them twitch at they hear me cum!

You and me are gonna cum tonight.

So hop on baby its wild ride!

I’m gonna make you cum tonight,

Screaming my name in between the pain.

You never had fuck like this before.

So call me up

Ill let you hit the back door!

Make me moan beggin’ for more!

Yeah I’m Miss. Carmen the dirty queen!

Call me up, share our fantasies!