Good Girl Goes Trick or Treating With Daddy

Good girl gets to go trick or treating with her Daddy. She looks so cute and sexy in the costume he picked out for her. She’s dressed as Tinkerbell in a tight, short strapless green dress. Her wings are so sparkly. Daddy brushes her hair and puts the blond locks into a tight bun. The slippers she wears are a shimmery green.

In the fairy costume, her bare legs look so long and slender. Daddy smiles at his little good girl. He can feel his cock start to throb in his pants as he gazes at her small frame. She’s all his and tonight he gets to hold her hand showing her off to every other daddy that answers the door tonight. This thought excites him.

She grabs her plastic pumpkin pail smiling so innocently at him. Taking her hand they walk outside. At the first house, Daddy can see the expression on the man’s face as he answers the door. Daddy can see how he’s looking at his girl and he’s grateful for the Peter Pan costume he’s wearing. It hides the erection he has seeing the flash of lust in the man’s eyes as they look his girl up and down.

She’s his girl. All his.

As they go house to house collecting candy Daddy’s cock grows harder and harder as the men eye fuck his daughter. He can see the desire for her in their eyes if only for a brief second. He knows they want her because he wants her.

The hours start to drag as his own desire grows. Until, finally, they reach a house and her pail is completely full of candy. He pulls her back to their house. Mommy is still home, but she’s outside passing out candy to the other kids on their street. So, he takes her inside, sets her pail on the kitchen table, and leads her upstairs to satisfy his aching cock. Now it’s time for Daddy’s treat because he’s such a good Daddy.

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