Spanking is so sexy on its’ own, but…..

Spanking is so erotic and hot by itself, but when I’m being spanked by Daddy it makes it that much hotter and kinkier because incest is involved! There are a few ways (and a few reasons) Daddy likes to spank me.

When I was younger, I remember, I didn’t want to go to bed. I was being the complete brat that I have a tendency to be. So, of course, he had to put me in my place. What better way to do that than spanking me? Oh, I cried and squirmed as he gave me a spanking. He pulled down my pants and used his hand to spank my little bottom pink. I hated it. But I learned my lesson!

That is until I hit my teen years. Mom told me I had some chores to do. Of course, being a teenager, I had better things to do than stay at home doing random shit like that. I straight up told her I wasn’t going to do it! Daddy heard me and he wasn’t too happy about what I’d said.

So, he took me into the living room while Mom went to the store.

He was going to teach me a lesson the hard way. “Remember when you were bad when you were younger?” He asked me sternly. “Yes,” I told him. He grabbed me by my hair, draped me across his lap, and pulled up my skirt. “I spanked you, didn’t I?” He demanded. “Yes.” I murmured. He then proceeded to spank me repeatedly. Over and over. And over again. And again for good measure. I could feel my ass growing hot under his hand as I laid across his lap. I cried again this time, but not out of pain or regret. Oh no! Out of excitement and desire!

This time it was different. This time I felt Daddy getting hard under me. I can’t explain why, but it made me smile. And, this time him spanking me made me very wet. When Daddy shoved a finger in my tight, wet, swollen pussy I gasped in surprise and pleasure. As he fingered me I cried out, my desire burning hotter than my red ass. Then he let go of me. I stood up only to have Daddy bend me over the couch! He pulled out his rock hard cock. I could see it throbbing and pulsing. Daddy took me right there over the couch while Mom was still at the store. And it felt SO wrong but SO fucking hot! Kinky. Taboo. Erotic.

And that thought made both of us cum SO hard!

But that’s not the only reason Daddy likes spanking me. Not long after that encounter on the couch Mom was out again. And he couldn’t refuse the opportunity to do it again! And, neither could I.

“London,” he ordered, “come here.” I obeyed. “You’re wearing those tight jeans. Do you wear them to school?” I nodded. And again he pulled me across his lap and smacked my ass red. Just because. And again he took me over the couch. And again I loved every moment of it. The redness of my ass, how it felt during and after the spanking. How my ass burned afterward. How hard Daddy’s cock got as he fucked me doggy on the couch. The same couch he and Mom watch movies late at night. It was SO fucking HOT!

And it still is…..

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