A Good Finger Banging

Sometimes all I want is a good finger banging. I don’t always necessarily need the dick, I would enjoy a good old fashion finger bang. Of course, this would be in one on cases where I gave you a blow job and sucked that dick dry and did not want to wait for it to fill up.

I didn’t have sex till my senior year in high school, believe it or not. So my teen years were mostly filled with finger banging. The first time I was ever fingered was when I was 15. I was going to visit my grandma in Colorado so she bought me a train ticket. I had a delay in Chicago for several hours. So I was all by my self in this huge train station. I was sitting there on the bench when this very cute gentlemen in a uniform came and sat by me and eventually started chatting with me. He was in the Marine Core so he must have been 18 or 19.  We walked around the city a little together holding hands and kissing.

We were making out in the elevator, then went and sat back down on the bench together. I always travel with a little blanket. He reached his hand under my blanket and into my pants, down my panties, and into my vagina. It felt so good.

This may be where my fascination with public sex acts started as well.

As an adult, I love being kissed especially on my neck, until my pussy starts to get wet. Then you take your fingers and start teasing my clit before entering them. It feels best when you are moving and flickering your fingers inside of my pussy fast but gentle. Or when I am giving head and you want to feel how wet you’re making me, take your hand and slide it up there insert 2 or 3 fingers and just let me grind my pussy on your hand. I don’t want to be fist fucked just a good old fashion finger bang.

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